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Jul 4, 2009 10:39 AM

Best Duck Confit in LA?

Looking for a great French restaurant anywhere in the LA area and what better gauge is there than a succulent Duck Confit.

Or if you have a great French restaurant suggestion but maybe haven't had their D.C.


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  1. The duck at Comme Ca is pretty wonderful but if you're in the area the version at St. Amour in Culver City is serviceable and satisfying.

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      I had that guy's confit when they still owned Angelique. Served it on a bed of spaghetti, which I thought a bit eccentric, but then Le Petit Cafe in Santa Monica serves it the same way. Both good, though a bit drier and tougher than the stuff I make. Less work, though!

    2. i had the best duck leg over at cafe Was on vine st. soooo good. crispy skin and fall of the bone moist meet

        1. In last year, these have been my tops for duck confit:

          Michael's in Santa Monica
          Tasca on 3rd Street
          Church & State
          Lily's in Venice (not as good as others for duck but the other items were good french fare -it's not melisse but good and affordable)