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Best Duck Confit in LA?

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Looking for a great French restaurant anywhere in the LA area and what better gauge is there than a succulent Duck Confit.

Or if you have a great French restaurant suggestion but maybe haven't had their D.C.


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  1. The duck at Comme Ca is pretty wonderful but if you're in the area the version at St. Amour in Culver City is serviceable and satisfying.

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      I had that guy's confit when they still owned Angelique. Served it on a bed of spaghetti, which I thought a bit eccentric, but then Le Petit Cafe in Santa Monica serves it the same way. Both good, though a bit drier and tougher than the stuff I make. Less work, though!

    2. i had the best duck leg over at cafe Was on vine st. soooo good. crispy skin and fall of the bone moist meet

      1. church and state downtown

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          Agreed, the one at Church & State was pretty succulent.

        2. In last year, these have been my tops for duck confit:

          Michael's in Santa Monica
          Tasca on 3rd Street
          Church & State
          Lily's in Venice (not as good as others for duck but the other items were good french fare -it's not melisse but good and affordable)