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Jul 4, 2009 09:14 AM

Salisbury, MD: Seeking a Haven in the area

Can anyone recommend some dining havens along the Eastern shore?
Anything from the best local stand to an intimate dinner, to the most fun bar and best pizza.
I'm relocating from NY/LA.
Thanks very much.

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  1. intimate dinner — 213 (fruitland)
    best pizza — ponzetti's (route 13 north), lombardi's (route 50 east) or la roma (route 13, close to downtown)
    crab house — the red roost, if you feel like driving out into the sticks. if not then the old mill.
    fun bar — breaktime, great slates if you're in cambridge, peaky's if you're in princess anne, want to see linda hamilton (yeah she goes there) and get some good fried chicken
    bar food/ribs/steaks/wings — adam's (fruitland)
    sushi — shogun by bennett high school

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        I apologize for the mistake above. Here is the third thread I intended to send:

      2. Some personal favorites that I've found over the past two years of living here (excuse the relative grouping of location, I'm one of the handful of people who live in Salisbury's barren downtown)

        Best date restaurant: Market Street Inn (downtown Salisbury) - also great for drinks with its extensive martini list OR Sobo's Bistro (College Ave.), which also has good martinis and a nice wine list

        Best sushi: Sushi de Kanpai, downtown plaza. Hunan Palace (Route 13) also has great sushi and good chinese food.

        Best Italian: Flavors Italian Grill, West Main St. - also a good hangout place in the bar with its $2 Peronis (Italian beer). I always get a calzone here, and it's HUGE.

        Best breakfast: Sage Diner (Route 13) or drive up to Georgetown for breakfast at Tavern on the Circle

        Best crabs: Old Mill (One in Delmar, Del, and a new one in Ocean City) - though I've heard great things about Red Roost, never been there

        The most fun bar depends on the season. During the summer, take a ride out to Seacrets in Ocean City, day or not - it's a sight to be seen. In Salisbury itself, it kind of depends on your age. I'm in my mid-20s and spend a lot of time at Brew River, but it's really populated with college kids.

        There are A LOT more locally owned restaurants in Ocean City, Fenwick, Bethany, Rehoboth and if you're a foodie, I suggest spending time out in those places - especially Rehoboth, which is about an hour away.

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          Four of us recently ate at both the Market Street Inn and and Sobo's Wine Bistro, both in Salisbury. The Market Street Inn is much more informal and has a nice location on a river, but we found the food there good but not outstanding. Sobo's Wine Bistro, on the other hand, is a more urban-style place, and the food there was really excellent. My favorite thing there was the fried risotto cake appetizer.

          Market Street Inn
          130 W Market St, Salisbury, MD 21801

          Sobo's Wine Bistro
          1015 Eastern Shore Dr, Salisbury, MD 21804

        2. Oh, and in the other threads linked, people recommend Jimmy's Grille in Bridgeville. There is a Jimmy's Grille in Salisbury, but it's not owned by the same people and I wouldn't personally recommend it (despite it's lovely downtown locatin).

          1. The best restaurants I've been to in Salisbury are Cactus Taverna, Restaurant 213 (intimate dinner), Hunan Palace & Sushi Kanpai (best sushi), Vinnys LaRoma (best Italian), Back Street Grill (my fave local spot - best steak sandwich ever), Plaza Tapatia (good Mexican, but typical), Shalimar (better of the 2 Indian restaurants), Adams Rib (good bbq, good crabcakes). Brew River is probably the best bar, don't bother with the food there. Market Street Inn is popular, but IMHO the food is overpriced and not that good. The best seafood spot is Old Mill Crabhouse in Delmar, only a few minutes from Salisbury. The best pizza is Delmar Pizza, also in Delmar.

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              I've heard that Shalimar has closed its restaurant and expended its little Indian grocery into the restaurant space. True? That's disappointing if true, but I can understand how they probably did not get enough business.

              It's been a while since I tried Namaste but I guess that's the only remaining Indian place around? Anybody tried it lately? I read a review somewhere which suggested that it's still very good. I think it's very odd that they relocated a few years ago and now they're inside an... America's Best Value Inn?!?

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                I heard there was a safety concern for Shalimar relating to something like the size of the restaurant or kitchen. I only had the chance to go there once.

                Namaste is actually very close to Shalimar now. I think the owner might also own the hotel. Last time I went was a few months ago but it was good then. I heard there was a fire there recently.