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Jul 4, 2009 09:13 AM

PANCAKES! in Park Slope Area.

I live on 4th Ave and 10th street, and I'm more than happy to walk a dozen blocks for good food.

I love pancakes, but with one caveat: due to blood sugar reasons, I should only eat buckwheat, oatbran, or whole wheat pancakes (though I do cheat occasionally for buttermilk). And no matter what, I have to eat the pancakes with plain (unsweetened) yogurt... Any suggestions?

I had an excellent plate of buttermilk pancakes at Stone Park with a side of Fage greek yogurt-- but it's hard to justify spending $18+ on a plate of pancakes.

All suggestions welcome (historically I've been a huge fan of the pancakes at Polonia in the East Village, but alas I don't live there anymore)

happy fourth and happy eating!

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  1. It's been a while since i've been there, but Rosewater used to have awesome pancakes, usually with fruit. Unless they've changed, no whole wheat, etc., but they were very good.

    1. Miriam on Prospect Pl. and 5th Ave. def. has whole wheat pancakes. great, cheap brunch w/ lots of other good stuff too.

      1. Cheryl's on Underhill right by Grand Army Plaza has amazing pancakes with bananas and real whipped cream... just had them this morning. Definitely a walk from 4th and 10th though.