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Jul 4, 2009 08:37 AM

GOOD GOAT: Beltane Farm makes FABULOUS goat cheese & yogurt!

Have you tried it yet? I'm hooked on both the fresh chèvre (with chives or Herbes de Provence--they make a peppercorn one, too) and their creamy goat yogurt. Yesterday we picked up some ripened Beltane's Grace. It has a delightful lemony tang to it and I loved it on some rosemary crostini I picked up at Whole Foods.

Info from their website re where to find them at local farmers' markets.

90% of our cheese is sold directly to our customers at open-air summer markets in Connecticut.


Westport Farmers' Market at the Westport Country Playhouse.

Deep River Farmers' Market.


Lyme Farmers' Market (


Ledyard Farmers' Market at the TriTown Plaza.


New Haven Farmers' Market

Greenwich Farmers' Market

Milford Farmers' Market

Lebanon Farmers' Market

Old Saybrook Farmers' Market

Lyme Farmers' Market ( )

Storrs Farmers' Market ( )

Stonington Farmers' Market (9:00am to noon by the docks in Stonington Bourough)


Coventry Farmers' Market 11:00am to 2:00pm

Mystic Farmers' Market


Willimantic Food Coop ( ) Willimantic, Connecticut

Fromage Fine Foods, Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Priam Winery ( Colchester, Connecticut

Feast Gourmet Market, Deep River, Connecticut

Whitneyville Food Center, Hamden, Connecticut

Liuzzi Cheese, North Haven, Connecticut

Whole Foods Markets, West Hartford and Glastonbury

Highland Park Market, Glastonbury

La Petite France French bakery ( )

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  1. They make a nice product, true. But I had a terrible buying experience from them at last year's New Haven Farmers' Market that left a bad enough taste in my mouth (yes, pun intentional) that I'm not in a hurry to buy again. So, just be prepared - I guess depending on whom you get to help you, it can be a non-traumatic experience.

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    1. re: harrie

      Oh, that's a bummer! The girl we bought from is such a sweetheart--we recognized her (and she us) at the Clinton market having sampled with her and having purchased yogurt and chèvre the previous week in Chester.

    2. Their plain chevre is very good, mild and not pungent. I like it a lot. However, I absolutely couldn't stand their chevre with the herbes de Provence. The dried herbs just overpowered the cheese. For my palate anyhow, it was almost inedible.

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        Interesting that you said "dried" herbs. When we got it at the Farmers Market in Fairfield it was 100% fresh herbs, including real, fresh lavender. The Herbs de Provence from Beltane might be one of my favorite goat cheeses now. Also love their "plain" goat cheese. It's much better when it isn't shrink wrapped, but shrink wrapped is good too. The owners indicated they use shrink wrapping for the extra cheese that is made when the goats are lactaiting and it helps tide them over while the goats are not lactaiting.
        As for the experience, we actually bought from the owners at the market and they seemed nice (in a hippie sort of way). They indicated that we could visit the farm, taste cheese, and bring a picnic. When we asked about bringing wine, they said it wasn't allowed but that they didn't have very good eyesight (wink, wink).
        As for purchasing, the Fairfield Cheese company (next to Harry's Wines) carries it on a regular basis.

      2. I bought some today at the Marlborough farmers market (Beltane is there - market is every Sunday 11-3). I picked up the plain and it is lovely...somewhat mild as my better half isn't thrilled with "the goat cheese tang" as he calls it, but he likes Beltane's.

        1. Beltane's fresh chevre is the greatest. If you have friends that will simply not try goat, tell them that it is Philly cream cheese and they will not know the difference. If you have the time, take a trip to there farm in Lebannon, CT. Nice, quiet, peaceful.