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Jul 4, 2009 08:13 AM

conference facilities outside of Montreal

I am helping to organize an international conference in the fall of 2012. I have been asked to scout out potential venues for the post conference of about 50 people. They are looking for a place about an hour outside of Montreal, not over the top expensive but with decent rooms, dining areas, food and good conference facilities. As people will be there from all over the world they would like a place on a lake and near stuff to do. A spot that will showcase our beautiful country!!

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  1. I'd try Mt Tremblant or Chateau Montebello.

    1. Magog is also beautiful, but I dunno if they have the facilities.

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        the Ripplecove Inn is a wonderful place in north hatley ; their website says they can accomodate conferences up to 75 people

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          Thanks everyone. I really appreciate all suggestions.

          1. re: MargieEv

            Chateau Vaudreuil-
            quote from the website "Ch√Ęteau Vaudreuil specializes in hosting the most successful meetings. With ideal meeting venues and impeccable service, our meeting rooms offer natural lighting, outdoor patio, up-to-date technology and a magnificent view of the Lac des deux Montagnes.

            Choose from a variety of all inclusive corporate packages designed to meet your specific needs. Our meeting rooms can accommodate from 5 to 500 people, with a total of 18 000 square feet of mkeeting space"

            *I have only been here for weddings.. it's a great place!

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              Thanks Allyson...looks great. I am going to look like a star with the conference planning commitee!! All suggestions are appreciated so I can give them a variety of choices. BTW I am very much a volunteer on this gig.

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            The Ripplecove is actually in Ayer's Cliff. But it's right on the lake and is one of the few 4 star kitchen's combined with a 4 star accommodation around. The cost must be over the top though.
            If there, head to Wood's snack bar in the centre of town for a sublime poutine experience. And save a bit of cash to.