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Jul 4, 2009 07:35 AM

Is there a Flank Steak conspiracy?

Is it just me or is flank steak the only cut of meat that never ever goes on sale. I don't think that the $9 average price per pound for this "inexpensive/tough cut of meat" is reasonable. Does anywhere know where to get flank cheaper?

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    1. It's never more than $5.99 at Demoula's/Market Basket, and frequently $4.99. Hilltop in Saugus also carries it for around those prices, and sometimes as low as $3.99. The $3.99 version is usually select, not choice, but honestly, if you marinate it and then grill it, then slice it properly, the difference between select and choice on that particular cut is negligible.

      1. Johnie's Foodmaster, Somerville, actually seems to put Flank Steak on sale fairly regularly. However, I usually buy it at Costco for about $5/lb.

        1. It goes on sale all the time at Hilltop for $2.99. Buy a lot of it and freeze it...makes great teriaki.

          1. It was $5/lb at Market Basket last time I bought it, maybe 3 weeks ago.