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Il Rodotto - Venice, Italy

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Il Ridotto is a little restaurant located on a precious square (more of a triangle) near San Marco. There are a few excellent enotecas nearby, including one catty corner to the restaurant also owned by Bonaccorsi called Acciughe (the spelling is off, but it means “anchovies”). Sasha and I ordered the Chef’s testing menu (which had a wonderful description that I wish I had written down); at E50, it’s a feast and a bargain. The amuse bouche was potato wrapped roasted prawn on a bed of creamed potatoes, extra virgin and chive. The prawn was succulent and full of flavor and the crunch of the julienned potato wrapping combined with the cloud-like creamed potato was a winning combination.

For more on this restaurant, including pictures of what we ate, please visit www.chadsworld.wordpress.com.

Il Rodotto
Venice, Italy

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