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Jul 4, 2009 06:49 AM

Beyond the Sportsman?

Afternoon all,

I am planning a visit to Seasalter in August for a dinner at the Sportsman, I should think it will be a few days worth of trip, so I was wondering what else/where else I should be eating and drinking while in the Canterbury area. Any thoughts most welcome


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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The Goods Shed at Canterbury is probably as good a lunch spot as you can expect in Canterbury.

        I periodically search Chowhound for Kent recommendations, without success, as I often get the ferry from Dover. One of these trips, I'm going to have to add another day to eat at the Sportsman. Everything I've read suggests you're going to have a good time. Sorry not to be any more help.


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          Whoops. Forgot to mention that it's probably 5 years since I ate at the Goods Shed but you may find more recent comments by a site search to confirm it's still any cop. Suggest you also check out the usually reliable other guidebooks and websites, where you may strike lucky with ideas for the wider county ;-)

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            I've been recommended the Granville in Canterbury (run by the same people as the Sportsmans) and the Crab and Winkle in Whitstable (from previous experience, Royal Native Oyster Stores there also good, though that was some time ago).

        2. I have a friend who was just in Broadstairs - supposedly a very nice town up near Whitstable, Margate etc. I'll see if she has any good suggestions.

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            Thanks for all your comments. It turns out that the week I want to go the tasting menu is not available, is it worth the trip from Hampshire for the a la carte?

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              I hope it is, they also don't do it for Saturday dinner, but looking at the ALC and tasting there are lots of similar dishes so we are going to give it a go. I notice a lot of the tasting menu reviews are mid-week lunches: holiday makers or professional diners?

              Other ideas in the area: Dos Hermanos gave "Age & Son" in Ramsgate a good write up, and "The Indian Princess" in Margate has its fans (and looks pretty good and unusual).

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                We drove from Surrey and had a delicious meal. Of course, you can always wait and do the a la carte some other time, but I don't think you'd regret the trip. It took us about 90 minutes, if that. The duck was excellent. I'd go back just for that.

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                  Stanley, we ate there on Saturday and the ALC is the only menu on offer. It was a great meal, everything was perfect, brilliant fresh food, simple cooking, and amazing flavours.

                  We asked Phil (Harris) to recommend dishes then shared the to get a feel for the menu. The tasting menu maybe better but I could not fault the ALC and would go back if I could. Definitely one of our top 5 in the UK.

                  It reminds me of St John, but in some respects this is what St John should be rather than what it is i.e. The Sportsman is ingredient driven, but with more on the plate, IMO St John's simplicity is too simple and is taking the Michael.

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                    Or rather the Michelin. ;-)

                    I must go to The Sportsman. I tried to go several times when it first opened years ago but it was always fully booked. Must plan a special trip.

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                      I am so happy you enjoyed your visit, Phil. I sometimes hesitate to be overly enthoused about a place we loved because everyone's palate is so different. I can't wait to go back to the Sportsman again. We're lucky that's it's not that far a journey. We ate at Masa in Derby last Friday, and the food was probably almost on a par with the Sportsman... fantastic setting and food and service. The desserts deserved a 13 out of 10. :-)