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Jul 4, 2009 06:48 AM

Tomatoes in Detroit

We have a bumper crop of basil in our garden, but aren't close to getting any fresh, home grown tomatoes any time soon with all this cool weather(except for 2 weeks ago when it was really hot for a week).Do you know where I could find some really good fresh tomatoes in the Detroit metro? Would the Eastern Market be a good place or will they just still have the super market variety tomato? I need some good tomatoes to go with my beautiful basil. Help!

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  1. I bought some of the heirloom variety tomatoes at Whole Foods recently and thought they had good flavor. They look weird, but don't let that stop you. One fun thing was that they were all extremely different in taste.

    1. I've just about given up on the Rochester farmers market and Birmingham has never panned out for me. I'd give the Eastern Market a try. If you haven't been lately the market was booming this year. You will have to shop wisely as prices and quality can vary by a huge margin. If not then as Jim suggested I know the Whole Foods in Rochester has Heirlooms.

      1. They had some at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market this morning....

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          I ended up buying some organic tomatoes at our local Farmington Farmers Mkt. on Sat. They werehot house tomatoes so I was skeptical. I sliced them tonight and layered my fresh basil and sweet onion and drizzled ex. virgin olive oil on top. It was delish! I payed top dollar for those tomatoes but they were worth it! The true taste of summer!!

        2. a noble quest!!... difficult, but noble you might have some luck at the farmers markets a bit later in the season (thurs in northville) I have turned to growing my own to satisfy my addiction.

          1. I've had good luck with hydrophonic (sp) tomatoes from the regular super market. I follow Sara Molton's tip to slicing and salting them and letting them rest on a paper towel before using.

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              This tip sounds great-how are they sliced and how much salt? Resting time period??
              Thanks much.

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                I slice them approximately 1/3" thick and sprinkly lightly with kosher salt and let them rest 10-15 minutes. A lot of the moisture exudes from the tomato and intensifies the flavor.