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Jul 4, 2009 06:09 AM

Thanksgiving in London Restros/Caterers

Trying to get an early start on this.

Going to be in London for a couple of weeks over the Thanksgiving period. We have a number of friends some American, British Aussie, the odd Canadian, etc. living there so we thought it would be fun to have a Thanksgiving dinner.

Dose any one know of a place that does American Thanksgiving. Or given the amount of Americans now living there are there any ’American’ style caterers who could do a Thanksgiving dinner?

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  1. I remember this coming up last year or the year before. Just Google 'Thanksgiving Dinner London,' and there are suggestions for restaurants and maybe a caterer, too. There seemed to be quite a few places that do the traditional dinner.

    My problem making this at home is the lack of a turkey (not just parts of) at that time of year. They're much more easily found at Christmas.

    Here's one link from 2007:

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      June, I've found that many farm shops with their own poultry farms or good connections are willing to supply a bird if you give them enough notice. Last year I was able to get one from the farm shop in Odiham, and had replies back from a couple in Surrey that they could it as well. However, they cost. The frozen Waitrose birds aren't too bad and they're free range.

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        Thanks, Nanette. I'll remember that. There's a new farm shop that just opened near us at Polesden Lacey. It's the first National Trust one in the SE. I've yet to get there but maybe tomorrow. It could be they would know a supplier or have turkeys on their adjoining farm. I hope maybe this year we can have a real American meal... in America. :-) Then again, there's more time at Christmas.