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Jul 3, 2009 11:47 PM

Driving Boston to Narragansett, RI

We are doing a family vacation in Rhode Island mid-July and are driving from Boston-any go-to, must-not-miss places along the way? Any absolute favs in Charlestown or Narragansett?

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    1. I agree with a few of the places Sean listed. Crazy Burger is great variety and decent prices with byob. Turtle Soup is very good, can be a very long wait for a table, but usually worth it. The "short board" is the better menu with appetizer portions and excellent prices. I have gone in with a friend had a couple of appetizers and 2 glasses of house wine each and spent around $50 for 2 people. (Caution-do not order the duck). Trio is only about a year old and is still working out the bugs. Nice atmosphere, but very pricey for very small portions. Small portions are fine for most people, but you will spend a lot if you have hungry children. Service is also very slow and there is no good reason for it. Jim's Dock in Jerusleum has very good food, good prices, and byob. Spains' in Narragansett is also very good. Good prices with very good portions, excellent food. Pelly's for breakfast on the north end of Narragansett is very good, and inexpensive, and at night it becomes Wiley's (they share the space) also excellent food., byob.

      1. If you are going to be in Charlestown, "The Cove" at 3963 Old Post Rd is a good place to have a meal. The food is always solid.

        I will also second The Starboard Galley.

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          Just say no to The Cove. Sorry. Rudest hostess I have ever met in my life and the food is just average.

          We did enjoy Turtle Soup, went for the first time this August. Trio was decent but agreed it was very slow, not sure why, seemed a bit overrated to me.

        2. Ocean Mist in Matunuck - kind of a bar atmosphere, but I see kids there a lot. They have an outdoor space right on the water, plus pretty decent food with a seafood / Mexican flair.