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Jul 3, 2009 10:41 PM

Your favorite ice cream in Las Vegas?

lately I've been craving ice cream. Must be the heat. I have been on the road a lot, and have enjoyed several locally-owned ice cream shops ....and that got me thinking: I'm not sure if I've ever been to a decent one in Vegas. I'm not talking about frozen yogurt OR frozen custard, although those certainly have their place. I want the real thing. Homemade, preferably with fresh fruit...


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  1. Although it is a bit out of the way, Lappert's downtown at the California Hotel/Casino does a nice job, particularly with their macadamia nut and kona coffee flavors (the company is originally from Hawaii, but now has a plant in California). Although it would not be considered haute cuisine in any way, a person can go to Aloha Specialties (they face each other across the corridor) for lunch or dinner, and then Lappert's for dessert, and absolutely call themselves a Chowhound. The California gets a higher percentage of its customers from Hawaii than any other Las Vegas Hotel, which commands a level of authenticity, and both places offer good bang for the buck, which matters in tough economic times.

    1. I remember Debbie W. and others talking about Frozen Aces but I've never gone. I was especially interested in the Philly-style ices:

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        dave - you teased me sir !! all morning i'm thinking about ice cream, the address for frozen aces is about 4 miles from my house so i decide, gotta hit the bank today - Pay day ! after which i'll trek over to Aces for some variety. I knew i was in trouble when i was 5 minutes late to the bank . it's 1:05, it's about 105 degrees outside - off to Aces - ok i see the sign, it's in the same shopping center/strip mall as waffles cafe , drive aorund the parking lot - where is this damn place !! i drive around two times - nothing ! ask someone walking into waffles cafe - never heard of it - i point to the sign, they shrug - i cry ! so either it's in a hidden location within the strip mall or it's closed . i settle for a slurpee ... it's a sad day

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          Aggh, sorry. I was afraid Frozen Aces would have a hard time sustaining a business.

      2. If you want fresh fruit and homemade you have to go to Paleteria Michoacan. On East Lake Mead & Beesley. It is on Lake Mead between Nellis & Hollywood. OMG this place is the best.......Was there last night and I tried their prickly pear paleta....WOW is all I can say.

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          OMG, I have driven by that place hundreds of times and wondered about it (I've been working a couple of days a week at our office in N. Las Vegas, which is just a few blocks from there....). Now I know where my Friday lunchtime treat will be! Tacos followed by a mango paleta...what could be better? (assuming they have mango....)

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            I am pretty sure they have mango. Try their gaspacho paleta that I am sure that it has mango and cucumber mixed with all kinds of yummy stuff :)