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Jul 3, 2009 09:00 PM

MasterChef England/Australia

First if you live in these countries and can watch these shows, your lucky.

I watched the last amatuer version of MasterChef England via a proxy server and I am watching some of MasterChef Australia via download.

I don't know why the BBC and Austrailia TV blocks international viewers for shows that are never going to air overseas.

They are so much more about cooking and less about drama than the American counter parts; Top Chef and Chopped. (Don't get me wrong I watch those shows too)

If you get a chance and can muster up the amount of work required to find episodes (cough... torrent... cough)

I recommend both

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  1. 'I don't know why the BBC and Austrailia [sic] TV blocks international viewers for shows that are never going to air overseas.'

    Some thoughts:

    1. You don't know what their plans are for airing. BBC America may be planning something. Saying 'never' seems a but much.

    2. The contracts stipulate only release in these parts of the world and other rights have yet to be established ( or have been established and rights holders are waiting).

    3. It's hard to tell your tone from this, but if there is any outrage regarding the electronic barriers on viewing, you may wish to consider that the US blocks everything; we are not even able to watch programmes on Hulu over here-- same with some uploads on YouTube.

    Your response to the blocking is funny, if only because I've been arguing that geoblocking contributes to piracy.

    Also: Is it really called MasterChef England? You are aware that there are more nations in the United Kingdom, yes?

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    1. re: Lizard

      I agree that geoblocking contributes to Piracy

      No it's not called MasterChef England just MasterChef...I appologize to Wales, Scotland and Ireland

      I watch a lot of BBC America and though your right about "never" I'd take a bet on it not airing.

      Didn't know about your Your YouTube and Hulu issues ..that sucks

      Still stand by my post

      1. re: chris2269

        Chris, a few things:

        * Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom. You might be thinking about Northern Ireland?

        * I'm not sure why you feel the need to stand by your post. What was I saying (beyond taking you to task for the use of the word 'never') that contradicted the pleasure you were expressing?

    2. I think the BBC blocks international access to its iPlayer. No doubt this is to with its public funding in the UK (and possible commercial sales elsewhere) rather than any technical matter.

      As to the programme, I've come to loathe it with a vengeance. Every week - same formula, same fake tension, same pointless and irritating comments from Wallace (the man should stick to selling fruit and veg).

      At least with Professional Masterchef, Michel Roux is skilled enough in his craft to be able to make useful and interesting comments.

      We currently have a "Celebrity Masterchef" running. I have no idea who some of these so-called celebs are - but it's just as bad as the amateur show - formula, tension, blah, blah.

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      1. re: Harters

        The amateur Season I watched was probably a season or two ago - but There was no drama just a strait forward challenge. Being under a time constraint was really the only thing that i guess one could call tension. Maybe the shows fallen off since then.

        I was able to watch about 5 episodes of the Australian version - again, I liked it strait forward. (though the initial qualifying rounds are a little cheezy)

        I have't seen any of the celebrity episodes.

        Top Chef here is good (though there is a lot of drama) but I'll take any version of Master Chef over the other cooking competition shows we have to choose from.

        1. re: Harters

          I know! I caught Celebrity Master Chef the other day and found myself having to google a great many. Then again, the fact I don't watch Corrie tends to put me at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to those programmes.

          And yes, Harters, the reasons for block have everything to do with the financial issue (television license fees, potential for foreign sales, rights management). This is what Chris and I were discussing. The proxy server is a technical way of overcoming these eleconic borders.

          1. re: Lizard

            I havnt watched Corrie in years - even though I'm a northern lad (maybe that's why).

            BTW, does John Torode judge the Australian version as well as the UK?

            (Explanation to readers - "Corrie" = "Coronation Street" - a very long running soap opera set in the fictional north west England town of Weatherfield, for which read the real city of Salford)

            1. re: Harters

              Torode did a guest judge appearance, as well as Curtis Stone - the rest are local Sydney chefs. I have been following it using the newsgroups. It is now up to 58(!!!) episodes and still has 6 chefs left, after letting 3 more back in as wildcards. It has very little in common with its British cousin - more like a soap, but I am addicted and waiting for the end. It is getting 2 million veiwers a night on Ten.

        2. I love Masterchef although I do find it silly and formulaic to a fault, apart from the fact that some of the celebrities who are all in theory 'passionate' about food couldn't tell pork from chicken or would come up with such inspired dishes as rice noodles carbonara! The food is always the same...meat and two veg, some Thai chilli concoction, scallops and chorizo, lots of crumbles and fondants. But I still love the ridiculous phrases and faces of Wallace and Torode and the funny moments provided by some contestants when they get it wrong.