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Jul 3, 2009 08:24 PM

fresh curry leaves?

I'm at Queen and Bathurst and I want to buy fresh curry leaves. What's the closest place that has them? What are the options overall, for that matter? Some dishes, you just need them.

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  1. You're not going to find them fresh off a tree. Try House of Spice on Augusta in Kensington or any of the larger supermarkets near Spadina & Dundas. They keep forever in the freezer.

    1. Richter's sells the curry leaf plant but the website says it is sold out.
      They also have two versions of the curryplant, in stock, used for South Indian cuisine. The miniature plant would be nice on a kitchen window.

      1. You can buy whole branches from several of the shops in Little India (Gerrard and Coxwell area). I saw some in BJ Supermarket yesterday.

        The stall on the lower level of the St Lawrence Market South Side – the one in the middle beside the Chinese food stand – it often has individual picked leaves in small bags.

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          To follow up -- nothing in Kensington or Chinatown. Little India had a lot of stores that sold them, but they were poor quality generally (ie, not properly refrigerated, and so wilting and browning). However, I recently came across a small Sri Lankan grocer on Bloor, a few blocks west of Dufferin, that has giant, well-preserved bags in the fridge. They also have a great assortment of Sri Lankan spices, and claim in a poster on the door to have fresh goat meat on thursdays. I'll be back.

        2. I always get my curry leaves at this grocery store on Parliament, east side of street, south of Wellesley. A generous bunch, green and fresh, refrigerated, $2 or $3. Can't remember the name of the store - I think it says "East and West Indian groceries" on the window.

          1. There's a shop in St Lawrence market that consistently has them. I believe they're called Lively Life and are on the bottom floor, towards the back.