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Jul 3, 2009 06:15 PM

Best Korean Fried Chicken

I'm partial to Bon Chon Chicken and UFC(?) Unidentified Flying Chicken in Woodside. Any other good places to try out?

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  1. Kyedong in Flushing is arguably better than Bon Chon.

    1. I have not had it yet and will be heading to the city this month, so I'll be watching this thread with interest! I recall that there was a great taste-off in 2007 that you might find interesting in case you haven't seen it:

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      1. re: 4Snisl

        classic post! personally, I'm waiting for kyo-chon to open in k-town, diag. across from the now-renamed Mad for Chicken (ex-Bon Chon).

        1. re: bigjeff

          i was really disappointed the other day when i walked into what i thought was still bon chon but is now "mad for chicken". maybe it was an off day, but i really wasn't mad for this chicken. the chicken itself was moist, the "fry" was great, but the sauce was just off (we had soy garlic) - can't really describe how, but it just wasn't tasty. would've thought they'd try to keep to the same recipe, but maybe they can't now that they're not using the bon chon name? anyone have insight?

          1. re: jen223

            What happened to the Bonchon in Ktown? For those who still crave Bonchon in Manhattan, you can get it on Chambers St but the ambience is not the same - it's just a takeout place mostly, no bar or atmosphere or the 2nd story hideaway feel. but the same prices, strangely.

            1. re: windycity

              The owner of the Manhattan and Flushing franchises apparently weren't happy w/the franchise fee's, and essentially stole the Bon Chon recipe and set off on their own.

              1. re: windycity

                Ambience? I hated that bar scene with the crowds and loud music -- totally out of character with other Bon Chon locations I've visited. It just fed the confusion and bad service.

                1. re: a_and_w

                  I actually really did not like the 31st and 5th location. The dance club music and crowd, the dark lighting and the coffee tables made for terrible dining experience.

                  I'm a fan of Boka now on St marks. They carry BonChon's chicken and it's actually a restaurant! Thank goodness

                  1. re: kelea

                    that's the one that's a part of tkettle? next to the pinkberry?

                    1. re: bigjeff

                      Boka is a little lower than street level, by Oh! Taisho and Klong. North side of the street.

                      It's the old Fuego space.

                  2. re: a_and_w

                    Lols. I'm not really into bar scenes either but I guess if I'm going to pay 21 dollars for fried chicken, I want something on top of the food for my money. Like an opportunity to get overcharged for alcohol.

                    I went to Boka, and I felt like there was something slightly lacking about the chicken there. Can't put a finger on it.

                    Does this mean the Chambers St. location is no longer Bon chon? It already changed over from being BonBon not that long ago.

            2. re: 4Snisl

              Thanks 4Snis! Great link! I will bookmark it for sure. I'm getting so hungry and want me some wings now! And it's only 7:45 in the morning.

            3. Yes - please provide comments and updates. We will be in NYC on the weekend of AUG 8, but will most likely only have time to try out one chicken joint. We will be staying near 56 and 6. Wondering which place would be best to try.

              A chicken place that we went to at home (Toronto) was no good.

              We are looking forward to our trip.

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              1. re: ghetto_scarlem

                Take the LIRR from Penn Station to the Murray Hill stop in Flushing. Walk over a few blocks to Kyedong chicken. You won't be disappointed.

                1. re: ghetto_scarlem

                  If you can't make it to Flushing, go to the Bon Chon on Chambers Street.

                  1. re: a_and_w

                    I think we might check out the 98 Chambers Street Bon Chon location, since it is closer than Flushing, and our time in the city is limited.

                    We don't really care about ambiance or decor - just good chicken. Someone above said the Chambers location is mostly takeout? Are there a few tables and chairs?

                    1. re: ghetto_scarlem

                      Yes, all in antisceptic white. And you get a choice of bread - either a slightly sweet bun or something else. Not sure if you get the lovely daikon pickles though that the Ktown location provided.

                      1. re: windycity

                        not sure what the details were regarding the changeover but the place used to be a Bon Bon Chicken. I've had the chicken before and after, it is alright; not the best out there but pretty good; I thought the chicken quality itself was not so good.

                2. Our plans it will be extended family, and we will have access to cars. Can someone recommend a place for SAT dinner that will be comfortable for 10 people (various ages)? Do some places take reservations, and have parking? The place in Queens? We are staying in a hotel near 56th and 6th.

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                  1. re: ghetto_scarlem

                    kyochon is good in queens but since you are in manhattan you may want to even check the recs in palisades park, nj just over the george washington bridge; i don't have any actual recs since I'm never up there but I always hear it's the best for all things korean-grub-related.

                  2. Thanks for the comments. We ended up going to Mad for Chicken (formerly Bon Bon/Chon) at 157-18 Northern Boulevard in Flushing Queens. Very good chicken, both flavors. Everyone seemed to like the wings more than the drums, so next time, we will have to get only the wings. I think we ordered too many appetizers, so next time we will tone it down, and save room for the chicken.