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Jul 3, 2009 04:58 PM

Anniversary Dinner, very tasty and cozy not too expensive.

Hi everyone,

We are celebrating our 12th anniversary and would love a place with very good food. Not too expensive, maybe $100 per person. I thought I had found the perfect place when I found Alegretti online but, unfortunately they are not open on Sunday. We love tasty well prepared food but not too precious, more on the rustic side. Romantic and cozy would be great too, a place where you can have a conversation and not trendy. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks!

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  1. my best advice would be to celebrate on a different night, because unfortunately *many* good restaurants are closed for dinner on Sunday :(

    1. What about Del Posto Enoteca? I ate there yesterday and our meal was excellent. They offer a 5 course meal for $52 and a 4 courses for $35!!

      We started with lightly fried calamari with spicy cherry peppers and salty capers, then had the spinach garganelli bolognese (an outstanding authentic bolognese), then for an entree, we had the steak, a tender cut served over a caponata and the duck agrodolce, which was more like a duck leg confit with some similar caponata over it. Also included in the 4 courses are a full dessert, we had the ricotta torte with strawberries and the delicious little bombolonis (similar to a doughnut hole) served with pastry cream piped in.

      I would think that the entrees and pastas actually might fit both your very good food and also your rustic bill. Quiet enough for conversation and not too trendy at all. See the menu at menu for the enoteca. If you choose 5 courses, you will get a second choice from the secondi/pasta selection (meaning 2 pasta tastes, the pastas are rather small portions, but it is still a LOT of food). The quality/food ratio to price is amazing, considering a tab for 2 in the main dining room is easily $400.

      The Enoteca is a cozy room off of the bar area and you do not feel at all relegated to some second tier area, you hear the piano tinkling and the service is just as professional as on the other side of the restaurant. They also have a large selection of wine by the glass so you can easily dine on either 4 or 5 courses and still keep it under $100pp maybe even with tax and tip.

      Best of all, they are open on Sunday! You can reserve on open table and in the comments request the Enoteca, or call. Lastly, mention it is your anniversary and ask for one of their nice sur la mer 2tops perfect for a romantic meal.

      1. I think Apizz would be a perfect fit. It's open on Sunday, you could easily have a very nice meal for under $200, the food is very tasty and rustic and the ambiance is very romantic.