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Jul 3, 2009 04:48 PM

where to find disposable barbecue in Edmonton?

I'm having a barbecue next week and one of the guest is a vegetarian, who I know wouldn't approve of whatever she brings (probably soy burger or portabello mushroom) being done on the same grill as the meat. So I am looking for one of those throw-away tin foil things to cook for her this

anyone know where in Edmonton I can buy one?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Just get a couple of disposable alumium foil pans and use those (double up just in case) with some charcoal. You'll need some kind of cheap grate on top (cooling rack or the like), but it'll work. I've used that disposable grill, and it's not worth the extra money.

      Failing that, you can pan fry her food on the stove if she really does object to the having it cooked on the same grill. Most vegetarians are prepared for things like that, and I doubt she'd mind if her food was cooked stove-top rather than grilled (I don't know her, however).

      1. Try Army and Navy, they had them last year.

        1. Maybe the BBQ Store on 75th Street & 51 Ave?
          Sorry I cant remember the name of it right now....I think it may be called BBQ Country?

          1. I saw an aluminum disposable BBQ just today at a Home Hardware here in Vancouver. Assuming the stock is similar to Edmonton's you may be able to get it there....something like this: