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Jul 3, 2009 04:20 PM

PDC - Seafood

With my brother in town, we are both looking forward to going to PDC. Our problem is that although we would love to include Mom, she isn't a fan of the usual menu... in fact, she wrinkles her Italian nose at the mention of it, and refuses to join us.

Now that it is seafood season, there is a good chance that Mom may actually join us. However, when I checked the on-line menu, they describe the platter as being served on ice... also a no-go with Mom. Does anybody know if there is a wide variety of cooked seafood other than soft shell crab tempura or catch of the day? For example, calamari are listed, but it doesn't say how they are served.

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  1. she'll be ok. their catch of the day is often tame but quite tasty
    but if your mother isn't interested in this type of restaurant, why not save it for just you and your brother so that you can relish in the experience

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      Italian guilt... my brother is only in for a week.

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        Can anyone elaborate a little on the seafood? I don't like raw either and don't eat meat, but it seems like PDC is a must-do in Montreal so we're doin' it. Now, mind you, I don't mind just a salad and dessert. So, I'll be just fine. But I am curious at what sort of thing catch of the day might be.

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          I've had great tuna and skate there.

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            Last weekend we had halibut. It was served with mashed potato, greens, and a deep fried soft-boiled egg. It was exquisitely prepared.

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              I've had hake, roasted in the wood oven, covered with a bacon cream sauce. Another time it was blue fin tuna, served rare, with a classic sauce poivre and maitre'd hotel butter. It came with a side of potatoes and girolles roasted in brown butter. Another time it was roasted swordfish on cauliflower puree, topped with a tomato olive relish. Also, this is the time of year they have steamed lobsters, stuffed with vegetables and served with hollandaise.

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                Wow, thanks guys. I guess I won't starve! I'll leave off the bacon...