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Jul 3, 2009 04:13 PM

Wagyu Beef @ Balducci's...WOW

I'm sure there are hounders out there that would like this info. Balducci's has wagyu NY strips at about $17/lb. This is on sale from $46/lb. They look incredible, more fat than muscle. Never had it before due to the outrageous pricing, a nice find.

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  1. Here's all the weekly specials at Balducci's. Much of their Wagyu beef is on sale:

    Their tuna steaks are also on sale at $17/lb, cheaper than the Whole Foods $20/lb. Might have to try those out as well.

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    1. re: cdela12345

      I think I need to go back. I saw the ribeye, but the ground beef might require a follow up. Seafood I get at the Bestway. Whole shrimp head on (can't recall count) $2.99!

      1. re: justaddwater

        I agree, the ground beef looks very tempting. I may give it a try myself!

        I've never been to Bestway -- do you know if they sell good quality Ahi Tuna by chance?

        I'm a tuna freak =D

        1. re: cdela12345

          There is a Bestway on Telegraph just south of the beltway, might be others. I don't think they have tuna, but do have a number of fresh whole fish. I usually go for the snapper. They also have flounder, grouper, and a number of other fish, shrimp, live crab. You have to purchase the whole fish. This is what a seafood department should be. All at significantly lower prices than Balducci's.

        2. re: justaddwater

          Grand Mart also sells shrimp for $2.99/lb, but I worry about buying shrimp from Bangladesh.

      2. Wegman's too is carrying Wagyu now starting at 59.99. Also they have a few very nice cuts of dry aged beef as well.

        1. Waygu beef from Japan is tightly controlled and carries with it a quality rating etc. The ad here says Waygu (Kobe Style) which can be a wide variety of things from an imported product to domestic. Just be sure of what you are getting even for the sale prices. If it were true Waygu from Kobe even the regular prices would be too good to be true.

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          1. re: deangold

            Agreed. Should have titled thread Wagyu-style.

            1. re: justaddwater

              Bottom line it please: was the meat quality above prime?
              All the back and forth is great, but this is chow not how hound.
              Have you cooked and eaten it.

              Today is the last day it is on sale.

              1. re: RobertM

                The strip was very good, I picked up another 5 pounds. Juicy, of course, unusual for strip. Unfortunately, the ground beef was not as tasty as their standard offerings, stick with the steak.

            2. re: deangold

              Isn't wagyu just the breed of cow and kobe the method of raising that they use in Japan?

              1. re: sekelmaan

                That's correct only the animal raised in the Kobe region can be called Kobe beef.

              2. re: deangold

                Balduccis carries the Greg Norman Waygu from Australia, this the price.

                It's good - I haven't tried the strips, as I haven't seen them yet - They used to cut a roast in 1/2" steaks, and although they were delicious, they were way overcooked by the time the meat had any color on it...