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Jul 3, 2009 03:07 PM

Looking for Bloody Good Roast Beef Sandwich

Manhattan just doesn't seem to have any good warm RB sandwiches sliced to order. The delis are better for pastrami, the bars for corned beef. In the good old days you could go into a Blarney Stone and get thinly sliced red rare roast beef, dunk the roll in the bloody jus and have a cold beer. Defonte's roast beef is pretty good but not what I'm looking for. I am very "rarely" stumped when I get a craving but this time I'm throwing up my hands. Where's the beef hounds?

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  1. can't think of one in Manhattan....But Fiore's or Vito's in Hoboken might right up your ally

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      Fiore's roast beef sandwich is unbelievable--totally in a different league than any I've ever tasted. Fresh sliced rare prime rib on a good, chewy hero roll, w/ a pile of homemade mozz and this incredibly rich, deep brown, oniony house made jus (so rich I actually get it on the side, and then use leftovers to drizzle on burgers, etc.). I also like to add a dose of the (insanely garlicky) roasted red peppers. They only make the roast beef sandwich some days of the week (including Sat.), and so do your homework before making the trip, but do make the trip at some point.

    2. Just customized my RB sandwich at Defonte's. Hold the fried eggplant that they put on everything. Just rare RB, plenty of blood, dunk the bread in the jus, freshly made mutz and hot cherry peppers. The Roast Beef sandwich of my dreams!

      1. Indeed -- oh, for the days of the hot buffets at places like Blarney Stone (or, even better, McAnn's). I think there's still at McAnn's somewhere north of 42nd St. on Third Avenue.

        I recall fondly places my uncle used to take me that *gave away* hot roast beef sandwiches at "happy hour." They were carved to order and were juicy and delicious. Those times (and those bars) are gone.

        I've had "French Dip" sandwiches in NYC recently, but not one that I'd recommend.

        1. To be honest, the best I've had is making my own with the very very good sliced to order roast beef from Whole Foods. It's usually very red and sliced as you like it and with a nice baguette and some spreadable blue cheese from the cheese dept. you can make a great sandwich for yourself.

          1. does anyone know where i can find a bOSTON STYLE roast beef sandwich- Onion roll and bbq sauce- Kelly's Mike's.....?

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              I second that - Nothing around NYC that I have found come close... I was disspointed with This LIttle Piggy. I recently tried the Tri-Tip grill in Roc Center but it wasn't exectly what I wanted. I would like to find a Kelly' s style place in New York but I can't seem to find any... :(

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                I've been having the craving for a super beef with sauce and cheese myself. I always try to hit Kelly's on Route 1 first thing when I'm back in Boston. Nothing like it here that I know of.