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Jul 3, 2009 03:01 PM

Ice Cream parlours in Wichita Area

I moved to Wichita about 2 years ago and we cannot find a local mom and pop ice cream place. All there is here that I know about is Braum's & DQ.

I would be open to traveling up to 80 miles (we love a good road trip) and the only criteria is that it can't be a large chain.

In a dream world a nice old fashioned marble topped counter with a soda jerk that serves sodas, home made ice creams, or maybe even an egg cream would be what I am looking for. Thanks for the suggestions!!

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  1. You must visit Bankes Pharmacy, 304 N Third St, Abilene KS 67410 (785-263-4330). Be sure to check their hours before arriving, but there are several excellent ways to play tourist while you are in Abilene - in addition to the ice cream delights at Bankes. The Eisenhower Center, Greyhound Museum, Museum of Telephony, Russell Stover Factory Outlet, and more. Dinner at Mr. K's Farmhouse Restaurant on the southwest side of Abilene might also be in order - unless you want to head home and partake in the Friday and Saturday evening German buffet at The Breadbasket in Newton. Their weekday lunches are also quite good.

    There are also places to eat just south of Salina in Smolan and Assaria - which we will check out in the next couple of weeks. I have read about them, but have not yet been to them. We are leaving Georgia for Abilene tomorrow afternoon. I will post about them after we check them out.

    1. Only one place for you my friend... Old Mill Tasty Shop. 604 E. Douglas. You can thank me by buying me a Turtle Sundae. It's your dream come true with a soda fountain and some of the best food in the downtown area. Blue plate specials every day and the friendliest staff you'll find anywhere. Have fun!

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        I've been there for lunch before and its pretty darn good. Thanks for the tip. I will have to check it out. Do you know any others? I heard that their used to be a place in Rose Hill.

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          Sadly most of the independents have been run out of business by the efficiency of the chains. My aunt and uncle used to have a Tastee Freeze and simply saw their profit margins run too thin to stay in business much past the 70's. Some of the new independent gelatto shops are pretty good...Cafe Posto, which is my neighborhood in College Hill, is pretty good in my opinion. Look for it near the NW corner of Oliver and Douglas.

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            That's a shame to hear about your families Tastee Freeze. There are a few good Gelato places in the area, I particularly like Chill in the Waterfront.

      2. Not an ice cream place, but the root beer floats and frosties at Nu-Way are made with homemade root beer and wonderful.