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Mozza 2 Go ~ Delivery and Take Out

Yesterday was our first of hopefully multiple visits to Mozza 2 Go.
A beautiful shop! Very nice and helpful attendants. The 2 go menu is basically the same as Pizzeria Mozza, it includes antipasti, lasagne, salads, meats, paninis, pizzas, and a variety of desserts.
We bought a few items including a couple of paninis, and a butterscotch budino. Everything we bought was pure perfection.
I am a big fan of Pizzeria Mozza, for me Mozza 2 Go it's a great idea.
We grabbed our food at Mozza, and drove to the farmers market at 3rd and Fairfax, there we bought some fruit and drinks to complement our great lunch.

A few photos here:

Mozza 2 Go
6610 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, Ca

Hours (as listed on the 2 go menu): 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm Tuesday - Sunday
• Phones open at 11:00 am daily.
Free 15 minute parking for take out orders available in the rear of Mozza 2 Go.

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  1. I stopped in today mid afternoon and ordered a pizza, salad and budino. At the time I was the only one in there ordering and was told to come back in half an hour, when I came back there were several more people making and picking up orders, hope it stays this hassle free! Agree that the attendants were very nice and helpful. Wondered why the big side room was closed off? Pizza was a bit over cooked, but held up pretty well even after reheating. Thank god I do not live close by as I would be stopping in for budino's to go way more often than I need to! To expensive for a regular rotation as a pizza take out option, but nice to be able to stop in when the craving hits and for special occasions, and now that I have 2 go menu in hand without the wait.

    1. Totally agree. LOVED the tuna panini, which was cold by the time we ate it, but still amazing.

      Here's the menu on Reservation for Three:



      1. Thank you for the post. Beautiful pictures. That panini looks amazing. I've always wondered how they are and it looks like they use the pizza bread. I was there at at 6:45PM on Wednesday (opening day) and picked up a pizza on my way to a movie. IT WAS DELICIOUS as always. The lady at the counter was so lovely and helpful. Shop is adorable as has been stated. Can't wait to go back.

        1. Ordered tonight. This is clearly an exciting addition to the culinary landscape for anyone who lives nearby and enjoys eating at home, as opposed to in a restaurant.

          The good: the food is all of the same great stuff from Mozza, although a slightly pared down menu with a couple of surprising additions (Mario's Lasagne - it must be incredible and I can't wait to try it -- I suppose this is the lone pasta because it holds up well to reheating). The baked goods are just so right, in particular the soft iced raisin cookie the conveniently splits into four pieces. While there doesn't seem to be much of an attempt to deliver the pizzas themselves hot, they do reheat well right in the box at 350 and are nearly as satisfying as the fresh ones at the restaurant. I do like dressing their salads myself (as the dressing is on the side to go) as I find Mozza's salads somewhat persistently overdressed.

          The bad: they do need to iron a few kinks out of the service, which I have high confidence they will do quickly, given the very high standards of service at the restaurants. A few minor growing pains, though. It does seem like a one hour prep time is required at peak hours. I'm not sure about the delivery area, but it seems fairly wide - not cheap though, $12 for nearby locations for orders under $100. There is parking behind the restaurant, but it is very limited and I suspect it may be difficult to park to pick up your order once it gets more crowded.

          I simply can't wait for the pizza "sculoa" to open up where Matthew Modina will give some cooking lessons. Most of Mozza's food is uncomplicated but they do get basic flavor combinations just right, and there is magic in that.

          Overall will this place make my life materially better than it used to be? Yes.

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            The executive chef is actually Matt Molina, fyi.

            1. re: Suebee

              Yes, Matthew "Modina" would be the "acting" chef.

            2. This is bad. I didn't need them to make it EASIER for me to eat Mozza! I might as well just start signing over my paychecks directly to Nancy Silverton. =)

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              1. re: aching

                aching: I feel the same way. Dangerously good!
                : )

                1. re: aching

                  Better than signing them to Chais...at least you get fed!

                2. We were heading to the Bowl last night & decided to give Mozza2go a try. We have eaten at Mozza Pizzeria & enjoyed everything. We called in our order @ 3PM for a @ 6:15 pick up.
                  We showed up at @ 6:20PM, nothing was ready. We paid & were told to wait, it "would be ready in a couple of minutes". No such luck.
                  At @ 7:10 PM, I had to finally ask for my money back so we could get on to the Bowl. She said "it will just be a couple of more minutes.." I insisted on a refund & they accommodated.
                  I noticed at least 5 or 6 other groups waiting for something, everyone was complaining that they were waiting a LONG time.
                  Everything was completely messed up, no organization, staff knew very little, orders were put together wrong (I only saw 2 complete orders leave in 45 minutes).
                  I'm really surprised Mozza would allow this kind of service, surprisingly & painfully inefficient.
                  Guess we'll stick to sit down!

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                  1. re: MahiMahiFish

                    Or, as it is now known to you, "Mozza NoGo" - they sound like they are channeling a true "Italian" experience with that performance. Hope the Bowl made up for it. What did you finally end up eating?

                    1. re: Servorg

                      Yes, the Bowl can always put a smile on your face, had an excellent time.
                      We wound up eating @ the Patina take out. Had a decent chicken sandwich, add some chips & a couple of beers, things turned out perfectly. We were really looking forward to the Mozza2Go option, we truly enjoyed our Mozza restaurant experiences.
                      Something else strange about the M2G thing: when I called in my order initially, I was asking for some help describing the items on the menu. The girl on the other line was completely unsure or most of my queries. For example, I asked about the Porchetta & she said ..."Let me put you on hold for a minute..." Came back 5 minutes later & read a laundry list of ingredients, like ...."pork, sugar, salt, black pepper..." almost like she was reading the recipe over the phone!
                      I should have stopped right there!

                  2. Ate at the Pizzeria Saturday night and stopped in to look at the 2go. Looks terrific! Also, I reheated my pizza leftovers on Sunday in the oven with my pizza stone and was surprised and thrilled that it was still quite good. Sure it loses a little bit, but a treat nonetheless. I say this 2go is a wonderful invention! Hopefully it will make getting reservations easier.

                    1. tried Mozza2go for the first time this week. The shop was super cute and the person behind the counter was great. I got the Nancy Chopped Salad and the Bundino...was surprised the total was $25 for the two. The Bundino is worth the $8...the chopped salad isn't that 'special' def. not worth the price.

                      1. Thanks for the great post. That sandwich pic makes me want to eat--now! I'll definitely stop by when I'm in town.

                        Sure with they'd open up a shop in the OC...

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                        1. re: Funwithfood

                          though you do have pizza ortica in the oc, which supposedly is not half bad.

                          1. re: kevin

                            You're right--I live in NOC, and lately find myself more often in LA than "down south".
                            There are a few OC restaurants that have received praise, that I've yet to visit. Bad Funwithfood!

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                              They will be opening a Mozza in Newport Beach soon.

                        2. They also sell salt packed anchovies, which makes me very, very happy.

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                            re: salt packed anchovies - I shlepped a can back from NYC on a plane thinking I'd struck the holy grail (I had not seen them in LA ever!). HOWEVER - be warned. They are a major pain in the butt. #1, they stink to high heaven. The cans are huge. In order to not waste 7/8 of the can - you must remove them from the can and place them in a tightly sealed container if you do not wish to stink up your fridge. And you'd better make sure that container STAYS sealed. Plus, it have better be for one use only because it will stink forever (I thought I had outsmarted the stinky delicacies with a pyrex bow but the plastic lid was ruined - it still smells after 5 runs in the dishwasher). Oh, and beware of dumping the liquid from the can down your drain when transferring them, your drain might stink for days! Then there's the soaking them to remove the salt, and then the miserably tedius task removing of the bones. It's a heck of a lot of labor. Chowhound buyer beware! BTW, I still having found a good source for white anchovies or just good anchovies here in SoCal. Whole foods (re. whole paycheck) had them for, get this, $99 a pound!!!) and they weren't THAT good as to merit the extortionate price.