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The food at Starbucks-Yay or Nay?

I vote yay. I think the sandwiches are pretty good, the last one I had was the proccuito/ricotta. Very salty, but I like salt. I got very happy yesterday, went I stopped by Starbucks and discovered that my beloved Chop-Chop pasta salad was back-I had sorely missed it. It's under a different name, but still the same salad. That's the only thing I don't like-they discontinue a lot of stuff. I still miss the lowfat turkey and watercress with carmelized onion spread. And I look forward to the holidays, because of Grandmas Thanksgiving sandwich and the Cranberry Bliss bar. Their pasteries are hit or miss-I love the lowfat apricot/blueberry muffin, but did not like the rasberry sunrise muffin at all. They also used to have the apple slices with peanut butter, haven't seen that in a while, but it was good.

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  1. I can't stand the coffee or anything else. I had some food with a friend and horrible. Had a rolls or breakfast item and horrible. Now I can eat anything, but McDonalds was better. Just way way way too overpriced, yuppy, arrogant, not friendly, inviting or anything. The money I spent there I could of gone to the store and made myself an awesome seafood dinner with side dishes and a cold beer. That was the most wasted lunch I ever had.

    I don't mind any chains really, but this was just overpriced hype. Now if there food was reasonable priced along with their drink I wouldn't mind. But it was just ridiculous.

    Just my opinion. I couldn't wait to leave. I work outside. I had shorts and a tee with flip flops. Everyone else had suits on. They were on their cells or bb's from minute one and non stop the whole time, me, I was just trying to relax and enjoy. The whole experience was just plain nauseating. I couldn't wait to leave.

    No food there again. Not for that price. I get this amazing sandwich at a local gas station. Don't laugh. But like other towns they have a small deli. They have fresh pastrami they make, great swiss, 2" high on rye with your choice of dressing and topping for 3.99. Turkey, RB, ham, etc the same. Fries or chips are 1 dollar more. It is awesome food. Grilled or not. Either way. The best reuben in town. and all veggie, that too. Just down the street and I love it. And great coffee for 99 cup.

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        Starbuck's is "yuppy" (sic)? Maybe 10 years ago, before coffee shops were ubiquitous, Starbucks would be seen as elite, and even that is a stretch, but I'd be curious to see what you consider yuppie.

        I don't disagree about the food being too pricey for what you get, it is just your perspective on its aesthetics and overall vibe that I find puzzling.

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          Agreed on the excitement of delis at local gas stations. One near my parents' house is something I always enjoy -- not only gas, but they are also my parents' mechanic, actually, with a little an excellent deli inside. I peruse the options happily on each visit -- so many good sandwiches without the infuriating $7 price tag of many sandwiches at this point! Great pastries too, all made in-house of course, and my dad would often surprise us with a box of those if he came back from getting his oil changed or getting any minor work done on the car ;-)

        2. I dri nk lots of coffee at STARBUCKS, BUT the only food there that seems good is the whipped cream..................................

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            I do have the coffee, but I think their whipped cream I could handle.

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              I will get a big latte or iced latte, depending on the season- around here it's usually an iced latte. We have a couple of Starbuck's kiosks at work, and they're not nearly as good as the actual Starbuck's coffee, but you could say they're as whole lot more convenient. I wouldn't order an espresso at work, like I would at a proper Starbucks, I suspect them of using an inferior brand or type of coffee. It isn't the same, at all.

            2. Foods are locally supplied and Your Mileage May Vary-in both quality and freshness. Especially the bakery items. There are no salads, apples with peanut butter or Grandma's Thanksgiving sandwiches in San Diego area Starbucks. The cranberry bliss bar is a national recipe that all the bakery suppliers use in November and December.

              I go there for what is on the sign- Coffee. Nothing cold, iced, sweetened or dessert-like in calories or appearrance. I am never disappointed.

              1. I love their egg salad sandwiches.

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                  Second the egg salad sandwiches. And my husband, who is more of a Dunkin Donut person, loves the breakfast sandwich on an English Muffin. He says it is way better than DD. We are lucky to go to a SB$ in a university area- very casual and friendly. I don't have to order my coffee- they make it when I walk in the door.
                  The airport chains however have horrid food, no selection at all.

                2. i really like the low fat blueberry coffee cake (or do they call it pound cake) don't remember. whatever they call it, it's very tasty. :)

                  1. The pumpkin scone in the Phoenix metro area is my favorite scone ever.

                    1. I like their reduced-fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich. They were first to offer that, now Dunkin' Donuts has similar options, but I still like Starbucks' best. Rumor has it they eliminated the toasted sandwiches in many parts of the country. Can anyone verify/deny?

                      Their baked goods are fine, but nothing special. When I see the calories posted next to them here in New York City, I think twice, although they usually have a few relatively good-tasting reduced fat options.

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                        the breakfast sandwiches disappered for awhile in northern CA but now they're back- some new ones

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                          I remember reading that their corporate management thought it was a bad idea for customers to walk into a Starbucks and smell anything but coffee, so they were going to phase out the hot sandwiches altogether......I guess not? I only get the coffee and the occasional (not bad!) glazed donut but I do notice that they still have the breakfast sandwiches.

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                          We have the turkey bacon english muffin sandwiches here in Toronto and they are the only food item there I enjoy. The rest are either not very good (their take on a basil/cheese/tomato sandwich) or passable (their pastries).

                        3. I would have to say yay. I do like their breakfast sandwich with the english muffin, although they do not have some of the types I like anymore. The ones with the ciabatta bread just look skimpy/pitiful. I've had some good sandwiches. My one issue is they seem to always discontinue the items I really like.

                          My co-worker buddy is tickled that they have some gluten-free items since she is allergic. The key though is to ask for it BEFORE they unwrap it. We've watched them unwrap and then plate it using tongs that have touched regular items, etc.

                          And I had the best ever anywhere banana nut bread smack in the middle of Nebraska last year. I got some every day I was there. My mom recently informed me that they used to make their baked goods "regional" for lack of a better word. However now I guess they are going to be more "consistent" and have a universal banana bread recipe store-wide They were offering the recipe in stores, mom brought one to me. I just looked at it and said, " I somehow doubt it's gonna be whatever recipe they used in Nebraska". Sigh.

                          1. occasionally I buy a slice of pumkin loaf but I have to ask for a piece in the middle because they dry out quickly. Their sandwiches are not too bad.

                            1. I gotta say the oatmeal was very welcome when I was stuck in the Las Vegas airport after waking up way too early for a flight that ended up delayed by several hours, Yes it was instant, but it was so much better than the greasy options at the few other food stands that were open.

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                                I agree that the oatmeal option is a good idea. They must rake in the dough on that one, since as you said, it's just instant oatmeal. It is nice to have a warm healthy option, other than breakfast sandwiches (where any health claim would be dubious).

                              2. I was making a caffeine pit stop around noon, grabbed one of their fresh mozzerela/tomato/basil sandwiches not really paying attention to the price, and my usual med. non-fat latté with an extra shot. My total was $9.20. I stopped and took a good look at what I had grabbed - dinky soft roll, 2 slices of mozzerela, 3 slices of tomato, a bit of basil - and then asked them to remove the sandwich. I felt bad having to sign that refund slip, but holy hell - really? I could not with a clear conscience pay $6 for that sandwich.

                                However, I will agree that their oatmeal is a very good option. It comes with small packets of fruit and nuts and another little packet of brown sugar.

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                                  Can I say the food is so lousy they are GIVING IT AWAY. Lmfao. ...With the purchase of any beverage July 21. They claim to be "revamping" it ::rolls eyes:: (yeaaaaa ok surrre)


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                                    Found another option I like - greek yogurt with honey and granola. Probably more expensive than the sum of it's parts, but it was healthy and filling in a pinch.

                                  2. Jamba Juice is now selling wraps and salads too. Yea or ney?

                                    1. I think their food is pretty so-so and not worth the price. I especially find their salads to be a rip-off for the portion size. Whatever you do, stay away from those pastries, even the "reduced fat" ones.

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                                        One of the only pastries I like is a low fat kind-all the others are just kind of ehh. Although the organic blueberry is good.

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                                          I'd be curious to know if the ppl that love SB's baked goods are bakers themselves. If you're a baker, its really hard to eat a baked good that is inferior.

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                                            I'm definitely NOT a baker (although my PB cookies are second to none). The only pastry there I really like is the low-fat apricot/blueberry muffin. There's a few I'll get if they don't have that, but for the most part they're crap. But I do like most of their sandwiches and salads.

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                                              I'm definitely not a baker. I said stay away from the pastries is because of the very high fat and calorie content. Even the "reduced fat" ones (they are usually not low fat--you should check on this) have a terribly high calorie count.

                                        2. Pastries: Overpriced and just meh. I usually get a scone, which seems to be the best value (relatively speaking)

                                          Yogurt parfait: Not bad, but way overpriced. You can get 3.5 McDonald's parfaits for the $3.45 Starbux charges, or 1.725 Sheetz parfaits, and they all taste about the same.

                                          1. In Toronto, I find all of Starbuck's food items to be ridiculously expensive and ranging in taste from mediocre to disgusting. I've always wondered how they could continuously source such bad food. Obviously, others may disagree.

                                            They had some yummy sugar free cheesecakes for a while, sourced from a local bakery. However, these disappeared with the fadeout of the low carb craze.

                                            I also enjoyed a couple of the breakfast sandwiches, especially the one with spinach and oozing cheese. These didn't even cost too much. They were quickly removed from the menu.

                                            Everything is else is too sweet, too dry, too gummy, tasteless, and/or just plain bad. Most of it isn't worth what it costs. Some of it isn't worth anything.

                                            I don't get it. YMMV.

                                            1. I used to make a Starbucks run everyday for my boss, occasionally I would grab the Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich, hit the spot in a pinch. Granted, I was using the company card so price was no issue.

                                              1. I vote nay!
                                                There are no cookies , cakes, muffins or scones which are not loaded with sugar.
                                                Diabetes in America is an epidemic and you are fuelling it.
                                                Wraps are so so and the turkey sandwich is disgusting.
                                                Whoever heard of a turkey sandwich with mustard, especially the kind you use.
                                                Try mayo and/or cranberry. Don't tell us it is too moist....put in between chees or lettuce and meat.
                                                Time to change your ways.

                                                1. Meh - For the cost I don't think it's worth it, though I do enjoy the pumpkin cream cheese muffins.

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                                                    Are the new pastries from San Francisco national, or are we just getting them as a test? I think they're an improvement on the old ones. The savory spinach pie is a reasonable lunch when I'm in a hurry.

                                                  2. The food is mediocre and, like everything at Starbucks, way overpriced.

                                                    1. There were several things I used to enjoy but now that all the pastries are Boulangerie, they just taste stale and bland. I like the protein box and madeleines, though. And I'm looking forward to my Christmas vice, the cranberry bliss bar.

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                                                        The protein box is the only savoury option I'll get there anymore. Their sweet options are eminently meh, for me. I will buy one if I want to linger longer, but it's not like a special treat.

                                                      2. As others have said, mediocre and overpriced. But I buy food there occasionally when I'm in a pinch, or at the airport and have limited options, and it tastes decent enough.

                                                        1. I used to like the pastries, but since they went to Boulangerie, everything is heated from cold/frozenstock!

                                                          I now get my latte at a supermarket and get something from the deli section.

                                                          1. Sorry, I didn't realize that the food there was the subject, so I blathered on about kiosks and so forth. I don't like that type of foofy or crunchy pastry so I never get the food there, just the coffee

                                                            1. I'm surprised at the huge number of people that are so drawn to sweet food in the morning. I do it once in a while, but feel like I'm a Hindu drinking vodka- a guilty pleasure and I don't feel that good later on.