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Jul 3, 2009 02:14 PM

Sunday dinner in Milan

any recommendations for a casual, but delicious dinner in Milan on a Sunday night. All my favorites seem to close on Sunday. Something along the lines of Bagutta would be great.

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  1. 10 Corso Como should be open, but it is far from Brera.

    1. cantina di vetra. midrange prices, outstanding atmosphere, great food. no way you will not like it.

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        "cantina di vetra."
        Gatsby you are the true Great G." himself.
        Great meal, wonderful padrone, all one could wish. Full review elewhere.

      2. Will be arriving on a Sunday and leaving the following day for Venice. Any recommendations for a reasonable italian dinner close to Central Station (staying at the Milan Hilton)? 25 euros or less ideally. Appreciate any recs. Thanks!