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Housesitting in Westchester this wknd, anything worth trying?


We will be housesitting (dogsitting) at a friend's home in Sleepy Hollow this weekend and to just get away from the city. Are there any great food places to try while we are up in Westchester? We rented a car and are willing to drive pretty much anywhere, especially places with stuff to do. We will also be returning in the middle of July so any recs would be great. We hope there are places just as good to eat up here as there are in the city!

Thank you

PS we love all types of food - thai, vietnamese, sczhechuan, shanghainese, italian, burgers, steak, bbq, indian, scandanavian, south american, central american, coffee, pastries, cupcakes, etc....

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  1. You will not find better, or even as good Thai or Chinese food in the area than in the city, imo. For Italian, I love The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry, which is a few minutes south of Sleepy Hollow--fresh, inventive food at a fraction of what a similar meal would cost in the city. http://lizjohnson.lohudblogs.com/2009...
    In Sleepy Hollow is a good authentic Mexican Restaurant, Que Chula es Puebla, http://www.quechulaespueblarestaurant.... I haven't been to Ambar, a Dominican lunch joint in Sleepy Hollow yet, but it is definitely on my list. http://events.nytimes.com/2009/06/28/.... A little further north, in Ossining, I like Doca's, a BYOB Portuguese place, and Churresqueira Ribatejo, a Portuguese grill. If you do a search on Chowhound, you'll find some recent reviews of these. For a splurge, the best in Westchester, imo, is Peter Kelly's X20 in Yonkers, a bit south of Sleepy Hollow. Again, a search here will turn up recent reviews, but I love the food there, and it is absolutely beautiful. http://www.xaviars.com/yonkers/index....
    Just a start...

    1. I like the Cookery also. And I was recently pleasantly surprised by Tarry Lodge in Port Chester (never thought it would live up to the hype) - had an excellent buccatelli amatriciana there for lunch the other day. Great cupcakes at Flour and Sun bakery in Pleasantville. Excellent espresso at Caffe Latte in Dobbs Ferry. For good Chinese or pizza - stay in the city.

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        I guess we are going to the Cookery and Flour and Sun for cupcakes so far! The portuguese place sounds interesting. Thanks for the rec about Dominican, but we will stick with Washington Heights for that. Also, heard about X20, so perhaps that is worth trying. Is it difficult to get reservations?

        I read on here that there are some great South/Central AMerican places in Portchester, is that worth a shot?

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          IMO try for a reso at x2o, you might get lucky! Skip Tarry Lodge--not worth the trip to Port Chester.

          Don't miss a ride to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. It's a different world than the city and so close by. Lunch or a snack at the cafe and worth a walk around!

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            From Sleepy Hollow you can also cross the TZ and go to Peter Kelly's place in Congers - Restaurant X which does not have the spectacular views, but great food and a very nice atmosphere.

        2. While you are in Sleepy Hollow, why not take take a ride upstate a bit?

          Check out Tavern @ Highlands Country Club in Garrison... while you're in Garrison you can wander around Boscobel or even get tickets to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. Valley in Garrison also gets high marks on this board, though I haven't personally been.

          Check out the Shawangunk Wine Trail! I recently went to several of the wineries, and we had so much fun! It was raining the day we went, but on a beautiful day, this would be a really fun experience that you simply can't get in the city. Notably, Warwick has several wineries, an ice cream place (Bellvale Creamery), and is minutes from Bobolink Dairy, which makes fantastic cheese and bread.

          1. For excellent hamburgers, go to Horsefeathers in Tarrytown. Great fries too.

            1. To soak up the beautiful Hudson Valley views try Red Hat Bistro in Irvington..... http://www.redhatbistro.com/
              or Harvest on Hudson in Hastings..... http://www.harvest2000.com/hoh/

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                Red Hat is right in back of the Irvington Metro North station & X2O is right in back of the Yonkers one. Both are about a 30 minute ride from GCT, so you can get to them easily from the city any time you want.

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                  Reservations are a must at Red Hat and not easy to come by!! You might be able to score and early reservation at X20 though

              2. As many people/posters are away and not checking board for time needed requests my suggestion is to take your time and read the board and the thread on it.
                Make use of search function. Enjoy where ever you go.

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                    Report: we tried to get a reservation at x20, Tarrylodge last night but couldn't. We do have reservations for Tarry Lodge tonight and x2o tomorrow evening! Will report back to you on that one!

                    We did make it to the cookery. Very simple straightforward food. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary but just great wholesome fresh Italian. The meatballs were pretty good, very homey tasting, the penne with marscapone and corn was very, very delicious. The mussel salad was also quite tasty! Overall, we were very pleased, it reminded us of a few of our favorite Italian restaurants in the city, Malatesta and I Sodi when it comes to quality, freshness and innovation.

                    We also managed to make it to Coffee Labs in Tarrytown right on Main Street. The coffee was pretty good for an independent roaster -- a little on the bitter side, I think the coffee we had was made to put lots of milk in it. Overall, pretty good, but nothing beats Ninth St. Cafe or Cafe Grumpy in the city when it comes to serious coffee. I never understood why sometimes the coffee at places that don't roast their own coffee tastes better than those -- you think it would taste bolder (not more bitter) but more vibrant and "fresh."

                    For now we are going to try to see if we can do the Red Hat Bistro for lunch, and of course, Flour and Sun for cupcakes today! Will report back!

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                      We had a wonderful meal at X20 about 10 days ago, so I hope you enjoy it. If they seat you next to the door to the deck, ask to be seated elsewhere. IMO it was very distracting to have people constantly going in and out of the door. They moved us, no problem. In terms of Tarry Lodge, I have been very happy with the pizza there. I haven't had the guancile and eg one, but I hear that it is exceptional. I loved the 4 cheese pizza and the very special clam pie. Don't forget to stop at Burgers, Shakes and Fries on Delavan Avenue in Byrum. It is literally right down the road from Tarry Lodge going away from Port Chester and towards I95.

                      1. re: roxlet

                        Report: As recommended by Jon, we searched the boards a little deeper and found a considerable amount of posts about:
                        1. Inca & Gaucho in Portwestchester. We got a little lost (even with navigation) but boy what a treat!
                        We shared two sandwiches -- the Molleja al pan a delightfully delicious sweetbread sandwich with fries. We also shared the morcilla al pan a blood sausage sandwich with a garlicy mayonnaise - equally as delicious. With some Mexican soda it was the perfect addition to this summer day. On the way back we saw a cute little lady selling these mangos with cayenne or some kind of chili on it - bought one of those to share. Very Nice. This was so far the culinary highlight of our Westchester weekend!

                        2. Flour and Sun Bakery, Pleasantville - Next we went over to try these cupcakes to see how they stack up against the cupcakes in the city- Magnolia, Buttercup (not exactly my favorite b/c they are too sweet) We were excited because there was a magazine sitting in our "housesitting living room" with an article calling it the "Best cupcakes in Westchester" -- unfortunately we were disappointed in them, the frosting was way way too sweet (I didnt think it could get sweeter than Magnolia) and the vanilla cupcake was dry. They also tasted very artificial. Very "crumbs" like, not our style.

                        Glad you enjoyed x20, roxlet, can't wait to report back on Tarry Lodge and X20 - this website is great!

                        1. re: theAVE

                          Glad you enjoyed I & G-While we have not been there in awhile, GF & I enjoyed it.
                          Next time in area, just down the street and around the bend:
                          Very nice, little "hole in the wall".

                          1. re: Jon1856

                            Hope you enjoy X20 - we had a great experience there in the fall.

                            For more day-to-day food, for burgers, try Squires in Briarcliff Manor.

                            We've enjoyed the Thai place in Sleepy Hollow - has a new owner/name, so I can't point it out. I think it's on the same street as Que Chula and Santorini (greek place, check the boards for mixed reviews). There's also a new cafe at the very end of Beekman Street in SH, nice for breakfast, light pastries, and good coffee. Has a funny view of the former GM plant... eventually to be parks and condos.

                            I concur with Doca's in Ossining, along with Churascuria Ribatejo (another Portuguese restaturant in Ossining). We like Isabella's on Main Street for thin crust pizza.

                            Going a tad further north, try Umami or Ocean House.

                            1. re: Nancy C

                              Thanks everyone for the input and for making our food experiences in Westchester memorable!

                              Amongst our favorites included:

                              The Cookery's Mussel salad
                              At Horsefeather's, their burgers and fries
                              At X20, almost everything, especially the Caesar Salad and the Lobster Crepes!
                              At Tarry Lodge, the artichoke and fontina fritata!
                              The Mango sorbet, pineapple and coconut ice at Paleteria Fernandez
                              At Misti Peruvian, the pollo al horno
                              Everything we tried at Lulu's Bakery in Scarsdale, including the peanut butter pie, chocolate raspberry scones and the chocolate ganache cupcakes!
                              The baklava at the middle eastern market on Central Avenue
                              The gnocchi at Lago di Como
                              The pork and pineapple grilled sandwich at MINT in Tarrytown, as well as the cheese selection and wonderful olives!

                              1. re: theAVE

                                Thanks for the update on where you went, and I'm very impressed that you managed to cram all of that (and cram would be the operative word here, LOL) in a single weekend! Glad you enjoyed our local scene!