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Jul 3, 2009 01:53 PM

Blue Peach Cafe - Manasquan NJ

The Blue Peach Cafe on Rt 35 has opened again after several years being closed because of a fire. Has anyone been to this breakfast/lunch spot recently?

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  1. Hi - we were there on July 3rd (same day you posted!) and had a really nice brunch. We had 6 people, and everyone enjoyed their meals - I had a greek omelet - it was fantastic. Mom had a chicken salad wrap and loved it, husband had one of the specials and said it was great. So I'd recommend giving it a try.

    1. Just a picture.
      If anyone else had been here please post.

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        Searched for a little more info, found an address and phone. Anyone know if they have a website? equal_Mark, perhaps a menu???

        Blue Peach Cafe
        2517 State Hwy No 35
        Manasquan, NJ 08736
        (732) 223-3444

      2. Since we live right near the Blue Peach Cafe we decided to check it out after driving past it several times. It was extremely disappointing. Can't comment about the quality of food because we didn't stay long enough to taste what we ordered. Our server came right over to us, we received our coffee and water and ordered two omelets and a fruit bowl. We figured we would get the fruit bowl right away as our appetizer. After seeing many disgruntled customers that had been waiting long before us to get their food and 45 minutes later with no fruit bowl or omelets, we got up and left. The wait staff came right over and tried to get us to stay by offering us Bloody Mary's, but we declined and left. How long does it take to cook eggs????? Don't know if we will go back to give it a second try.