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Jul 3, 2009 11:53 AM

BOA Sunset

It’s a well thought-out and appointed space, with music in the background that adds atmosphere but stays out of the way. At noon there were no customers and about 20 staff in the front of the house. By 1:00 it was 60% full, pretty good for only being open for a week. Service was nothing short of outstanding.

The Caesar salad is not the “best Caesar in town,” as explained by the waiter. It’s not bad, in fact it’s pretty good; but there are no anchovies on top, and it is drenched in dressing.

The tuna tartar appetizer was thankfully a little different from the others in town. The fish is instantly seared on one side and then cut into quarter inch cubes. This gives it a very slight firmness that’s a welcome change.

The winner was the macaroni and cheese. They use orecchiette pasta instead of elbow macaroni, which allows for more of the cheese to stick to the noodle. The cheese is the yellow creamy variety, and there is a taste of bacon which adds a welcome smoky saltiness. It’s baked in a small flat baking dish and crunchy breadcrumbs are sprinkled on top for texture. This was one of the best I’ve had.

The Kobe burger was large, with the condiments on the side as I like. It comes with Thousand Island dressing, which was also a plus. In the final analysis, I think Kobe is wasted on a burger. But there it was. The bun was well suited to the burger, remaining intact in spite of the juices. Fries were shoestring and served alongside with a tiny cup of ketchup.

The lamb shank was served over eggplant couscous. The actual couscous was the round ball variety, which is a little difficult to manage. The balls roll around and off the fork, so you never quite get the balance between the couscous and meat that you were going for. But it’s flavorful. The meat was cooked perfectly. It was amazingly tender, like a well-aged filet mignon, sliced into quarter inch slices and topped with tiny dabs of Indian-style mint chutney, a very inspired touch. On the ends of the plate were small pools of Indian raita with green onion, which added tanginess and creamy balance to the other elements.

BOA Steakhouse
9200 Sunset
West Hollywood
(310) 278-2050

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  1. next time try the "Chop-Chop" salad, it's terrific.

    1. i just went last night. i had high expectations, but unfortunately, i was disappointed.

      My friend and I first went to the lounge patio outdoor area. gorgeous. the ambiance was great. We had 2 of their signature cocktails: The Alchemist, and the Dapper Gent. The lounge/cocktail server was fantastic. we should have stayed there for the rest of our meal.....anyways, we had the tuna sliders which were the best item on the menu i had had. we also had the sticks and (something) i forgot the name they called it. its polenta sticks served with english pea puree and chipotle mayo. those were good.

      we then went into the main dining room.

      the server: sucked. he had NO personality, no quality of service, nothing.
      he came up to the table, had asked us if we had been to a Boa before, let us know that Boa was a steakhouse (duh?) and then told us where the steaks are on the menu, and that we could get rubs or sauces with it. then he "down-sold"-us on that no one usually gets rubs, they'll get sauces instead. thats it. he made a sneer comment about the fact that we already had (and had paid for) our cocktails.....

      we ordered our food, let me make this part short, he got one of our starters wrong, and he got my friends entree wrong as well.

      he never came by the table and asked how our food was tasting, if it was to our liking, nothing. the busser came and brought us each a bread roll, and a plate with one pad of butter. when my friend used it all up (which was about 1/3 way into dinner) the butter was never replenished.

      when we asked the server for the check, he brought it to us, didnt say thank you, nothing.........again, nothing.....

      service, was horrific. its not that hard to like and appreciate where you work. i am so sad that i probably wont go back there.......