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Jul 3, 2009 10:50 AM

good lobster salad

I want to find a spot for fresh, ready made lobster salad to get by the half pound/pound, and then use to make lobster rolls at home. I saw there was a thread on this a while back, (regarding the citarella $80 a pound stuff) but it mainly wound up as a discussion of spots to get lobster to prepare at home(also a worthy topic), rather than where to pick it up all ready for the roll. I've gotten this at the dean and deluca in dc before, but don't remember seeing it in the soho one. Not looking to pay $80 a pound at Citarella(or $60 a pound at Lobster Place, which was suggested in the other thread), I'd rather just go to one of the better lobster roll restaurants at that point. But once its in a reasonably sane price range, I'm up for paying as long as its quality, and am looking for good quality lobster. Anybody have a go to spot for this? Fairly flexible on the nature of the salad (i.e. celery vs no celery, etc.).

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Lobster Place -- two locations, Bleecker St and Chelsea Market. Not sure how much it is.

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        I second the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market - its not the stuff you find on the Cape, but good enough!

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          The OP has specifically ruled out Lobster Place, because of the cost.

        2. I know you want pre-made, but the cheapest I've done is purchase a lobster at Fairway (they will steam it for you and crack it) and then take it home and add good mayo and season to taste. Easy and you have control over how much mayo , celery, etc.

          1. Sables-77th and 2nd-not cheap-if u want cheap make from scratch yourself.