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Jul 3, 2009 10:23 AM

Need Some Help - Father/Son Football Roadtrip

My Dad and I are coming to New York to see a Jets/Pats game in September. I know, I'm a little early on my planning, but that is how I am. I'll likely change my mind 10 times before then. I have most of the itinerary down (feel free to offer opinions) but need a little more help.

I am looking for a bar or two close by the restaurants I have chosen for supper. I like a good pub with multiple beer on tap. We are more interested in the good beer choices and atmosphere, than the see and be seen type of places. Big fan of Belgium beer, if that helps.

I am also looking for a Sunday evening, after the game, restaurant and can't decide. Here is what I have so far:

Friday Supper: Momofuku Ssam and Milk for dessert

Saturday Breakfast: at hotel near Jets stadium

Saturday Lunch: Ippudo

Saturday Supper: Katz's Deli

Sunday Breakfast: Amy Ruth's - Love some chicken and waffles!

Sunday Lunch - at the stadium - likely bad dogs and beer

Sunday Supper - Open - thinking pizza here, but real open to suggestions.

Dad has not had much in the way of Asian food, so I could throw in another Asian spot for Sunday. Like to keep entree prices around $25 cap. We are from East Coast Canada, so all cuisines are better in New York so we are open for anything. Thanks for the help!

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  1. I'll let the NYer's weigh in on this but I tell ya what: We LOVE Amy's Ruth's! We've eaten there three or four times when we've coming to NYC in 18 months and it never disappoints. And the people are so friendly. Easy to get to on public transp also which is always a plus.

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      I used to go to the House of Chicken and Waffles in Oakland when I lived in the Bay Area. Heart attack on a plate, but oh so tasty. My Dad and I are pretty excited about it. Not that I plan on getting anything different, but what was good besides the chicken and waffles?

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        Well, once we had chicken wings and waffles (we always share just one order anywhere we go for breakfast). I've seen people with shrimp and waffles and fried fish and waffles. They also have grits which were medium. Also plain old breakfast which those who weren't eating the main event seemed to relish. And I do believe it's the best fried chicken I've ever had. Very crispy but also moist even the white meat. We'll be hitting that before we head back to NoCal.

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      1. Still looking for help on the pubs and the Sunday supper meal. How about a Dim Sum place on Sunday night? Any cart spots that have a supper time service? How about a great Korean restaurant? I like thin crust pizza. What is my best choice if I wanted to stay in Manhattan? Thanks!

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        1. I was thinking of these places for beer. Any I should skip? Any that are easy walks from the restaurants I have listed? Any more suggestions? Thanks!

          Spitzer's Corner - 101 Rivington St

          Blind Tiger - 281 Bleecker street at Jones

          The Ginger Man - 11 East 36th Street

          Waterfront Ale House - 540 2nd Ave at 30th Street

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            Anyone? Any places I missed or any on my list I should avoid?

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              Guess I'm the only one replying. Well, I'm going to keep trying. How about Cafe de Bruxelles? Is this a place where we could have a few beer or is it more of a restaurant place? I imagine we could have some moules frites as a snack while enjoying some good Belgium beer. Thanks.

              1. re: JonH

                Spitzer's Corner is Lower East Side, short walk from Katz's, longer but doable walk from Momofuku Ssam / Milk Bar, but if you are by Momofuku I would go to Jimmy's No. 43 or Burp Castle or DBA.

                Blind Tiger is West Village. If you did pizza in the West Village (like John's, Joe's, Arturo's, No. 28, Keste, etc.) it would be very convenient.

                Ginger Man is kind of Midtown-ish, near Penn Station. Waterfront Ale House is more Gramercy/Murray Hill. Neither are all that convenient to Momofuku Ssam/Milk, Katz's, or the notable pizza joints. Also I have friends who have gone to Ginger Man/Waterfront Ale House and complain that the crowds are not that great due to the location/neighborhood.

                1. re: kathryn

                  Thanks Kathryn. Some good sounding choices here. Which of the pizza places that you mentioned would be the best choice?

                  1. re: JonH

                    Keste has been getting the most buzz lately but it's not really NY style, it's more Naples style. For NY style, John's of Bleecker is pretty good. Not the absolute best in town, but it is quite convenient to Blind Tiger. BTW, both these places are pies only.

                2. re: JonH

                  You might consider adding Jimmy's No 43 to your list of beer bars. It has some pretty unique items to their list, pretty cool/interesting space as well.

                  Jimmy's No. 43
                  43 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003

                  1. re: KTinNYC

                    I do like the look of Jimmy's No. 43. I think I'll try it after Momofuku Ssam.

                3. Cafe de Bruxelles is probably too much of a restaurant vibe for you. Blind Tiger has excellent beer selections as does Ginger Man (even though I agree with Kathryn that the crowd isn't the draw).