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Jul 3, 2009 09:23 AM

Questions about Wingfield's Breakfast & Burgers (Dal)

I'm planning on going to Wingfield's for the first time this weekend, and it's kind of far from my side of town. I've been reading a lot that it's best for me to call in my order so I won't have to wait an hour plus to get my food. Unfortunately, I don't know what they're menu is like.

Does anyone know some of the basic items on their menu and what the prices are?

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  1. I went on a Saturday about 1pm, and didn't have to wait, other than the time it took for them to cook the burger.

    They have single, double, triple burgers, but you should get the single. each pattie is 1/2 lb of meat. I think a single cheese cost about $6. the double was around $8.5. You can add bacon if you like.

    they have fries and rings as well. No tables of any in the car.

    1. I waited an hour when I went the first time and that was at 2p on a Saturday. Wasn't lucky like planojim but at least it wasn't 100. Since then I've called, I don't like their fries so I just get a bacon cheeseburger and call it a meal.

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        OK - I'll bite. What's wrong with the fries?

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          Oreida style fries don't do anything for me. Thin & crispy fries (McD/BK/WaB style) are my favorite.

      2. I'm probably too late, but just know they are closed Sundays.

        1. Menu is simple: single, double, or triple burger. At each level of burger hugeness, you can add cheese and/or bacon. I have seen guys walk away with triple bacon cheeseburgers, which are heart attacks in a bag. They must scrape the bacon grease into the fryolator, because their fries have a bacony taste, which adds to the overall awesomeness of the experience.

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            So I headed down to Wingfields for a Double Bacon Cheeseburger with mustard, mayo, all the fixins. Doesn't sound so bad until you realize it weighs 1 pound and 13 ounces (I brought a scale). $9.75 for those looking for the best burger value in DFW.

            I've been working up to this challenge. It's been on my mind since the first time I showed up and saw the sheer size of the single. I'm all of about 5'6" and 135 pounds if that helps paint the picture. I showed up early, probably the first customer of the day. After about 15 minutes I got my burger and snuck off to a place to indulge in my gluttony. I brought a roll of paper towels, a plate, a drink, and the scale. I laughed and politely declined when she asked me if I wanted to order fries or onion rings. Well, I wanted to but that wasn't going to happen this time.

            The first third of the burger was close to bliss. Wingfield's meat probably isn't anything special but whatever they do with seasoning and cooking transforms it into something well above the rest of the burgers I've had in Dallas. They also toast the bun on the grill which, for some reason, most places seem to overlook. The bacon is one of my favorites... very thick, perfectly crisp yet chewy, and curled up to make what amounts to another patty of meat. I've never seen anything like it anywhere.

            For those of you who aren't giants, like me, there is the technical issue of trying to fit something bigger than your fist into your mouth. I decided to take a bite of the top and a bite of the bottom and work my way through. Less than ideal but when you take on these sorts of challenges you have to compromise.

            The second third went down without major issues. This was when I started to fill up and could have stopped and felt happily full. The burger was starting to have structural issues with the mayo/mustard running all over my hands. This was why I brought the plate.

            The last third. Anyone who has pushed their stomach at a buffet or Thanksgiving knows what this feels like. You are full but you keep chewing, the taste of the food has changed, usually for the worse, yet something compels you onwards. With about three bites left I had to take a moment to pause and ponder my predicament. My hand was covered in hamburger drippings. Piles of paper towels littered the area around me. I had ingested well over two pounds of food (including my drink) and was no longer exactly enjoying the experience, yet the end was in sight. So after a few moments of recuperation I turned off my brain and downed the last few bites. Time had slowed. The event took about 20 minutes and I spent 5 minutes cleaning up. This is why I brought the roll of paper towels.

            I learned a few things:

            * A pound of meat (or more) is a lot.
            * This was close to the 2,000 calorie daily recommended diet.
            * Hats off to anyone who has managed the triple. I can't fathom it.
            * The single cheeseburger is perfect (bacon if you're extra hungry). This leaves room for the onion rings (I can't recommend the fries).
            * The "I will never eat hamburgers again" feeling lasted all of one day.

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              That is a wonderful story. Simply wonderful.

          2. Has anyone ever gone in the evening? I've seen on some websites that they are open until 7:00 pm, yet others just say breakfast and lunch...