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Jul 3, 2009 08:44 AM

Road trip to Salton Sea (moved from L.A. board)

I've always wanted to visit Salton Sea and plan to drive out there from Los Angeles. I'm looking for any recommendations for food en route or when I get there, on any of the smaller towns down towards the border. I love visitng farms & farm markets, I love offbeat roads, and totally love Mexican food. Anything you can tell me will be welcome !

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  1. You'd probably like one of the date shake/date ice cream etc. places like Shields Date Garden in Indio.

    1. Make sure to get a Date Shake at one of the roadside stands on the way out. They taste like a vanilla shake sweetened with honey. People either love 'em or hate 'em!

      1. Funny, I think Chandavkl and I were typing Date Shake at the same time

        1. If you cross the border into Mexicali, you can enjoy some of the best and most unusual Chinese restaurants you'll ever find. Mexicali's Chinese community goes back a hundred years and the cuisine, while essentially Chinese, takes a lot of notes from Mexican staples. There are so many to chose from that I can't even recommend one. Maybe some more experienced CHs will have some solid recs.

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            OK cool the trip to Mexicali sounds exactly like what I want, some history and some good food. I would love some direction on where to eat to eat in Mexicali.. and what to try. I am with regret not a meat eater (I don't mind a little lard etc. but only in small quantities).

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              If you choose to go to Mexicali don't forget that you will need a Passport to get back into the U.S.

          2. Haven't been to the "sea" in a few years. best at sun-up or down. Take a camera, it's now a bird sanctuary area. Otherwise, I remember it being rather stinky. Anyway, you pass the whole Palm Springs-Palm Desert / Indio region to/from.
            Here's a few suggestions: in Indio-shop at Winco- CASH only but, great prices esp. love the coffee mill and dry bulk options, incl. candy, teas, and pet food.
            A great local fish/seafood place: Fisherman's Market and grill. There's several locations, here's one: 44250 Town Center Way Ste C2 Palm Desert, (760) 776-6533 - char grilled tilapia is stunning. There's also a swell little chinese place off Washington at Country Club Dr in P.D. Just off the freeway exiting Washington and going S to C.C.(1st st) turn West and it's in the plaza where you'll find Gold's Gym. (Sorry, can't remember the name). The heat and deserty conditions does not warrent farm like stops but, maybe these couple of places will work for you. You can also consdier these non food places:
            Have fun!

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              The Palm Desert chinese sounds like from the travel directions "City Wok", which is a chain but gets pretty good reviews. Heading out to PD myself next week so we'll give it a try.
     Do you think this is it?

              1. re: glbtrtr

                I think City Wok is at Cook and Country Club in the shopping Center w/Ralphs (Across the street from the Marriott). The one I'm speaking of is down the street closer to Washington (1 major intersection east) in the center where you'll find Gold's Gym. I'll follow up tonight as I am heading down to the desert this morning. :)

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                  Ok - Just returned from P.D. CHINA WOK is the place I really like. It's just W of Washington on Country Club - 77912 Country Club Dr # 31 (760) 772-2291‎
                  It's really the best in the area and right off the highway. Mom says City Wok which is at Cook and Country Club is NO GOOD! Went today w/mom to CPK on El Paseo and had a great Morrocan Salad and ice tea. :)

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                    I always liked China Wok, but I think they have gone downhill in the past year. This might be due to the fact that the owner was always there cooking (he had the high chef hat) until he opened the China Bistro on 111 in the relatively new Walmart Shopping Center. The China Bistro has very nice lunches and a good atmosphere.