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Jul 3, 2009 08:43 AM

House Pizzaria

Ate there last night. Had the Margarita, regular, Potato and goat cheese, and Pepperoni pizzas. Very underwhelmed no matter what the AAS guy has to say. Would be interested in hearing of other's experiences. J.

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    1. re: scrumptiouschef

      Thanks for that. Should have done my homework, but Margherita pizza with canned tomatoes and about 3 leaves, if that many of arugula? Very flat and bland. Get real. Potato pizza whose predominant flavor was salt with occassional whisps of potato flavor? I will be the first to admit I am not an expert of pizza but it disappoints me all the good reviews it is getting. So sue me.

      1. re: singlemalt

        I only ate there once and it was good. Had the housemade sausage pie which was fine. The biggest thing I took away from it was how much cheaper than Eastside[which is roughly equivalent to a happy hour bar feast at Eddie V's in pricing]it is. I roll by Eastside all the time and expect to see the owners' Maserati out front soon.

    2. Funny, I was there last night too and also had the margherita. Are we sure that the tomatoes are canned? They tasted pretty fresh to me. I also like that the basil is tossed on after coming out of the oven. Crust was great as usual. Nine bucks and it fed two. A short drive over to The Parlor to finish with a patio Brooklyn Lager and we were all set for the night.

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      1. re: jwynne2000

        Sorry, not my day. I meant basil, not arugula. All three of us agreed that the tomatoes were canned. Obviously, they were not fresh sliced. I thought the amount of basil was laughable. I will give them credit in that they brought us more basil upon request. There was rosemary, I think, on the potato pizza but it looked to me that it was dried and not fresh and fresh rosemary is one of the easiest of all herbs to find here in A. Nonetheless, we could not even detect the slighest flavor of rosemary. I'll admit, when it comes to pizza, I probably have never had really good pizza in my life, but the AAS fellow went on about how great this place is. If cheap is its only quality, then that is sad.

        1. re: singlemalt

          I think you mean *bad* canned tomatoes. Tomatoes can very well. Canned tomatoes is one way to get perfectly ripe flavor all year round and is the only way to get real Italian tomatoes to Texas.

          Of course, I'm not defending the pizza you had. It could very well be awful, but don't blame the process, blame the flavor.

      2. Hi,

        I find their combination of counter/waitstaff service odd and chaotic. For instance, you get your own red pepper flakes, but are brought parmesan. One orders and pays for a beer at the counter and then waits for the server to find your table (often a difficult task due to the low elevation of the numbers) in order to get your brew. Among other oddities.

        The Parlor system of counter ordering and then self serve for plates, spices, water, etc. seems more logical.

        And, I find the food so so in quality and value.

        1. i like the pizza and i had the mushroom,susauge and pepperoni and it was perfect.maybe you need to give them a 2nd c hance.if not try pizza corvina in round rock which is coal oven and very good.

          1. I admit to being a little taken aback at first.

            House Pizzeria doesn't offer the dozens of topping choices experience has taught me to expect. And upon receiving the pie, the quantities of the toppings seemed lacking. Plus, where was the thick covering of molten cheese that a Texan expects on his pizza?

            Without even taking a bite, I knew that House was not going to be for me.

            But I did take a bite, and, wow, did I find I had a lot to learn about pizza.
            The crust was near perfect - somehow satisfying my conflicting desires for thin crust (with the crisp, lightly charred center of the pie) and thick crust (with the puffy, flavorful rim). The ratio of ingredients to crust was perfectly balanced - allowing me to enjoy both. That balance is a new pizza experience for me.

            I had the Arugula with garlic pizza and, at the staff's recommendation, a Live Oak Jeffe (served with lemon). Another new experience for me, it was an ideal food and beer pairing. I love my beer, and I love my food, but have never really experienced the two working so well together, each enhancing to flavor of the other so that the total combination so completely surpasses the sum of the individual parts.

            That first time at House taught me a lesson I didn't realize I needed, and one I would never expect to learn at a pizzaria. A well considered and artistic balance, when so carefully applied to every single aspect of a meal, can elevated even the humble working-class dinner of pizza and beer into a memorable (and eye-opening) delight.