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Jul 3, 2009 08:10 AM

Good Food, Good Fun in Central Texas

Last week I went to Luling, Texas for their Watermelon Thump. The red-eye from LA to Houston was uneventful and after 2 hours of driving I got to Flatonia. I ate at a little diner in town - OK food, friendly locals. Flatonia has Joel's BBQ, which some say is good, but I didn't check it out. After being able to get my room an hour early and resting for a couple of hours, I headed to Luling.

It was crowded in town, but OK. Parked, went into the Thump grounds, checked out the spitway, then headed out and went to Luling BBQ. The combination plate of ribs and chicken was excellent. Went in and watched the watermelon seed spitting contest. Around 44' took it this year. Afterward went out, enjoyed the sights and smells, got a turkey leg (also excellent) and talked with a few of the old ranchers.

Drove back to Flatonia and called a friend. I told her about everything including the turkey leg, and she said she wanted one, so I drove back and got her one. Airport security took the small amount of barbecue sauce I has packaged up off of me when I left the next morning. All-in-all it was a fun trip.

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  1. It's not that I'm not proud of Texas, and it's not that I'm surprised that anyone would want to make merry at our festivals, or perhaps wish to see Miss Watermelon Thump in person, but I can't help but wonder how somebody from LA would even hear about it, much less be actually compelled to fly in to Houston and rent a car and drive to Luling just to attend.


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      The next town from me over has a watermelon festival that has been going on for some number of years. They put in a watermelon seed spitting contest a few years back. Last year I won with a spit of 54'7". I just wanted to see how things were done in Texas. The BBQ was great, also. See: ,
      . By the way, that is a great spitway.

      1. re: jnsx

        Gotta love a good spittin' contest! And you must really have it going on to shell out the $$$ just to be a spectator! Congrats' on your win!

        1. re: CocoaNut

          Jamie let me spit as an exhibition at the end of the contest, which I embarrassed myself by not getting even 30' at. That was OK as a number of the past champions weren't able to get very far, either. However, after the contest, a number of us were spitting, and a couple of us got in the 50' range, myself included. I was taking the seed too high before, so it wasn't carrying. The white painted concrete makes it easy to see where you are landing and skipping to. I know it is a lot of $ but it is fun to compete at a contest with a lot of good spitters. I may be able to get on the past champions list in the future, if I go back again. Otherwise, I'd have to win a spot from the lottery to spit for real.