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Jul 3, 2009 07:26 AM

Help! Cheesesteak! Philly!

I'm about to get in the car to drive to Philly for the weekend and the BF and I suddenly realized we MUST find the absolute best place for a cheesesteak. I know this has been covered as naseum here, but I'm bringing it up once more.

Is Pat's the best or is there someplace better to try?

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  1. Pats is not the best, but it is a fine cheesesteak and easy to find if you don' t know the city well. Everyone has their favorite, and there is no consensus on "the best." Your best bet for a quick answer is to do a search of the boad and read through some of the many threads on the subject to get an idea of what will work for you.

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      Thanks :) Will try and do a quick search - we're running out the door in like 1/2 hour :)