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Jul 3, 2009 07:12 AM

Good eats in Detroit?

Spending several days in Detroit next week (staying downtown) and am looking for good places for lunch or dinner. I like most any kind of food but prefer non-chain and a cut above. Anything from Middle Eastern to fancy dinners.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Recent guide compiled by one of our restaurant critics for the basketball tournament last spring:

    All are reasonable suggestions. Both Roast and Finn & Porter (which she mentions but does not include) are great although somewhat expensive; you could cut costs on those by going for lunch or drinks and appetizers. Slows is especially good but very crowded and a bit slow (natch) at peak times. You could sit at the bar. Excellent deli sandwiches: Eph's on Woodward at Congress (look for the pickles) or Mudgie's in Corktown west of downtown, walkable on a nice day depending on where you're staying.

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        BTW, Middle Eastern is our regional specialty, but is rarely found in the city. If you're in Dearborn, look along Warren Avenue for Middle Eastern food central.

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          Where did you eat, and how did you like it?