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Jul 3, 2009 05:37 AM

Viva La Revolucion?

Has anyone been to the newly opened Cuban Revolution restaurant in the American Tobacco Campus? What are your initial thoughts? I know the restaurant is originally based out of Rhode Island. I have been wanting to go since reading about as I've only been to Carmen's in Morrisville.

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  1. My wife and I went tonight with our two kids and had the worst service experience I've ever had in a restaurant. We sat at 6pm and after a little while I had to ask one of the other waitresses to find our waitress. We ordered drinks and dinner. After a while we flagged her again to see where the drinks were. They didn't come so 10 minutes later we flagged her a second time and asked again for the drinks. These were two glasses of sangria so not complicated. She brought them and we asked her to check on the food. She told us they were working on it. 20 minutes later we asked her to check again. She told us they were working on it. We checked in one more time and got the same answer. In the interim, I took the kids to a hot dog cart outside tylers and got them a snack because they were so hungry. After about an hour we paid for the drinks and left without eating. The server was vaguely apologetic, there was no apology from the manager and they didn't even comp us our drinks. I know they've only been open a couple of days and it was a busy night with the bulls playing but someone needs to pay close attention to the service. In contrast, the table next to us had a different waitress who seemed wonderful and brought them three rounds of drinks and two courses during the time we sat there. The food at other tables looked good so I hope it does well - but I won't be going back.

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      Well since it was the service and not the food that was the issue. I would say at the very least try it again. They may not have been use to the Bull's being in town since I believe they were only there for that day and I'm not sure how much Conf. USA baseball draws. I'd say give them a week and try again maybe with a friend or something. Too bad you didn't get the name of the good waitress and then you could request to be sat in her section or vice versa you can politely request to NOT be sat in your previous waitress's section. Right?

      Sorry you had such bad service.

    2. A Cuban friend of mine ate there a couple of days ago. Her brief report stated, "Good Cuban food, not great, but good and local, meaning I don't have to travel to Raleigh or Morrisville. We met and talked with the owner for quite awhile. He's a good guy."

      1. Great Place. Not originally from Durham, but soooo glad this place arrived on the local scene. Music and atmosphere are top notch (they totally redid the old Symposium layout, thank god) and the food was what they refer to as cuban fusion. Cuban staples such as Ropa Vieja are here (tasty platter with maduros and lettuce, tomatoes and onions on side), but my favorites are the healthy list of tapas items, such as garlic shrimp, spicy meatballs, crabcakes. Definately worth a trip. Political theme adds an extra edge you dont find in any other restaurant.

        1. i tried this place a few nights ago because i was excited they had vegan options on the menu. Unfortunately, they were quite bland and boring. However, the sweet potato fries and fried plantains (maduros) were delicious. One other disappointment was my (small) mojito cost $9 and wasn't anything great. $9 for a drink is way too high, unless perhaps I was in New York City. I might go back to get the fries or plantains again with a (cheaper) drink, but I doubt I'll go again for meal. Service was ok, no complaints there.