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Jul 3, 2009 04:54 AM

question about flour vs corn tortillas

I am hosting a lunch next week and there are a number of guests who happen to be gluten intolerant. Would corn tortillas be an okay alternative?

Also, what is the best way of making quesadillas for 10 people?

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  1. You can make them with corn too. As you know you can buy tortillas in different thicknesses and in white. I do love to make quesadillas with the freshest smaller white ones that are not from the big brand.

    But, they are every bit if not better than flour. If diet permits, just butter the sides, you'll get a truly wonderful corn flavor.
    To answer your question what is the best way?? Can you clariy that question, I'm not sure if you mean assembly process or ingredients?

    1. >> "Would corn tortillas be an okay alternative?"
      Yes, assuming that you check the ingredients to be certain they are made from 100% corn (or masa harina); ie, no wheat flours, semolina, etc.

      1. I am celiac and only eat corn, but my non-celiac family prefers corn.

        Get a tortilla with only corn salt and lime if you can. Or you can make yor own with masa harina.

        Quesadillas are best fresh - so assuming you mean the griddled kind - think of it as making pancakes. Grill or griddle with oil sprayed tortillas stuffed with cheese and fillings of choice. You can hold in a warmer if necessary, but consider serving appetizer style in wedges so everyone can nosh on them fresh.

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          Without a large griddle, it just seems time consuming to be preparing these as guests arrive so you've answered my question. One of the skills that I need to work on is the timing of dishes so that I don't delay the serving of the meal.

        2. Although I've only done quesadillas as described (a la pancakes) but I'm thinking you could probably do them in an oven, on a greased cookie sheet or similar perhaps; then you could do several at a time. Seems like it might work...perhaps someone else has done this.

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            I'm afraid that the oven method would dry-out the edges of the tortilla before or by the time the cheese had heated/melted. Brittle tortillas = bad.

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              I oven bake for my kids, and it does make a brittle tortilla - doesn't matter for them, and I don't always spray with oil. I wouldn't serve to guests though.