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Jul 3, 2009 04:36 AM

Food re: airport transfer


I'm heading to Bermuda next Friday (starting in Boston),

I am flying into LaGuardia around 12:15pm and have to trasnfer to JFK for a 5:05pm flight.

I think there is a shuttle between them, but is there anything between them (or at either airport) worth checking out for lunch for an hour or so.....seems as if I will have a lot of layover time....

Any recomedations worth it.I (and my wife) will have my carry on with us so we'll have plenty of time in between....


Mark Adamowicz

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Take a 7 minute cab ride to Astoria and eat great Greek food at Loukoumi (Ditmars and 46th Street). I can't recommend anything between the airports.

      1. From LaGuardia, take the Q33 bus ($2.25 exact change, and make sure to get a subway transfer) to its terminus in Jackson Heights (Roosevelt Ave Station). If you do a search, you'll find many options for eating in Jackson Heights as it is one of the epicenters of ethnic cuisine in NYC. From here, you can use your subway transfer to get on the E train to Jamaica/Sutphin Blvd to transfer to the Airtrain ($5 fare on a Metrocard) to JFK.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Downtown Flushing offers an incredible array of asian mostly chinese places and a tremendous variety of asian "street" food. Its only a short cab ride from LGA.

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              I spent 2 weeks in honk kong/china a few weekes back and am having withdrawals - this sounds pretty good. thank you

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                Great - here's a start for Downtown Flushing, including Kathryn's own food tour crawl!


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                  In the heart of it all in downtown Flushing there is also a very good burger/fries place called Joe's Best Burger. IMHO it is the closest in style and quality to In' n Out Burger though a notch below. Its worth a stop if your companion does not share your taste for asian.

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                    Thanks to all for the tips.

                    Mark Adamowicz

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                      Mr Eto's food advice is spot on but not his transit advice. You can't get a transfer from a bus to the subway with cash(only bus to bus). You need a metrocard to do the bus to subway transfer.