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Jul 3, 2009 03:19 AM

Serious Pie or Via Tribunali?

I enjoyed the pizza at Via Tribunali the last time I was in Seattle, at the original location. I will be going back in a few weeks and see there are quite a few around Seatlle. Are they all as good as the original, or some better than others? How about Serious Pie? (Just to warn you, all pizzas are measured against Pizza Bianco's, so I'm verrrrrrry picky!!) Thanks!

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  1. Serious Pie is ok. Not bad, but certainly not in the realm of Biancos. Nothing in Seattle comes anywhere close. Waiting for Delancey to open - there is hope there, or but until they open sometime in July I think locally perhaps the best you can do is Veraci Pizza

    1. I personally prefer Serious Pie to Via Tribunali. I think the center of VT is too wet/watery, and it bothers me that they fly ingredients over from Italy rather than use the local NW produce. I know that that's basically the point -- that they adhere to a rigorous standard of Neopolitan style pizza, but I prefer fresh NW foraged mushrooms to canned ones. Veraci hits a sweet spot for me as well. I do like Serious Pie, especially the crust

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        I agree w/Blue2000- Via Trib tried really hard for authenticity, which is good, I guess, but the real strength of Seattle's pizza scene is the less traditional pies that take advantage of local produce and perhaps the lack of a historic Seattle pizza style. FWIW, I also find Via Trib's pies to be too salty.

        For authentic-ish, I prefer Tutta Bella (South Lake Union, Wallingford & Columbia City), which are much less crowded than Via Trib anyway. For less authentic, there are lots of good options -- I really like Serious Pie, and I'm also a big fan of Stellar Pizza in Georgetown and Flying Squirrel in Columbia City.

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          I prefer VT--they have my favorite Seattle pizza--but the above posts point out the difference. VT makes Italian style pizza, while SP is more...Seattle. My second favorite would be Veraci, though the couple times I've been to their restaurant haven't been as good as their farmer's market locations are.

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            I'm a big fan of Bianco's, too, and I think that folks have it pretty much nailed: Nothing here compares with Chris Bianco's place in Phoenix. Via Trib comes closer, but Serious Pie is a much more "local" experience. They also have a pretty good happy hour. Stellar and Flying Squirell are the best traditional pies you're going to find in town.

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              Sadly, my family was in no position to wait 4 hours to be seated @ PB--the longest wait time I've been quoted this decade by about a 3.5 hour margin. I must be getting old.

              1. re: not the bad Steve

                No, the wait at PB is notorious. There are a couple of ways to manage it: Get a group of 6+ together, and arranging a reservation; or making a day of it, go early, when the bar next door opens, bring some cards, books, or whatever time killers you enjoy, order some good wine and nibblies, and while away the afternoon until the first seating.

          2. They're both good, and I would say they're both head and shoulders above any other "fancy pizza" in Seattle (as distinct from delivery pizza - I like Pagliacci.)

            If you've already been to Via Trib recently, no reason to go to a different location of the same place. Give Serious Pie a try.

            Tutta Bella gets good marks for kid friendlyness but the pie is not in the same league as Via Trib. Flying Squirrel is pretty good - I really like the 'Eartha Kitt' pie - but more of a good neighborhood place than a special destination.

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              Thanks for the advice! I'll give Serious Pie a whirl, or maybe just eat more seafood!

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                On the apps/salads menu, Tutta Bella does a plain baked crust with a salad on top ("pizza insalata") and it is a great summertime meal. I think they called the Caprese version (mozarella/basil/tomato/romaine) one Salerno. A cool, savory hit on a hot day.

              2. I like both Serious Pie and VT, but they are very different, as others have explained. I gather that Bianco's is closer to the Neapolitan ideal, which is what VT goes for. But since you already tried it, I'd give Serious Pie a shot.

                Tutta Bella could be good, but its typical rush to serve hordes of kid-toting guests makes the pizzas come out sloppy IME.

                I always promote Flying Squirrel, which makes a plain cheese that is the closest one comes to quality NY-style pizza in Seattle, even though they also do a wide variety of pies featuring unorthodox (and local/organic) ingredients.