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The Park's Finest BBQ

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Anyone ever hear of The Park's Finest BBQ. The cook is a guy name Johneric Concordia. A friend on FaceBook was raving about his BBQ. He has a 5 star rating on yelp. I think he caters at events and cooks at Echo Park once in a while. I don't know how it works. Maybe like the Kogi truck. I looked him up on Facebook and he had an announcement of when he was cooking at Echo Park. He's also going to be cooking at a JACCC event in July. Here's the Yelp page:


Anyone try his BBQ?

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  1. Wow, I want to try their BBQ

    1. just once at the yelp/pleasure palate event. the bbq is right up there with the best, though the meat didn't have a smoke ring. he uses a treager, so it's not too surprising. reallyreallyreallyreallyreally good sauce and sides, too.

      1. I dig The Park's Finest BBQ (not to be but, often confused with Park's Korean BBQ) and concur that their sauce rocks. Their Cornbread Bibingka is a borderline obsession for me.

          1. We had an awesome meal there last night, the guys running the place are awesome and the food was on point. The kitchen couldn't let us leave without trying their pork dishes so they sent out a sampler on the house. The simplest of their dishes -- the longaniza and the cornbread -- were so flavorful it was ridiculous. My only encouragement for the guys is to more aggressively season (salt) their smoked meats.

            The price is right, the menu is terrific, will be back.