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Jul 2, 2009 11:21 PM

The Park's Finest BBQ

Anyone ever hear of The Park's Finest BBQ. The cook is a guy name Johneric Concordia. A friend on FaceBook was raving about his BBQ. He has a 5 star rating on yelp. I think he caters at events and cooks at Echo Park once in a while. I don't know how it works. Maybe like the Kogi truck. I looked him up on Facebook and he had an announcement of when he was cooking at Echo Park. He's also going to be cooking at a JACCC event in July. Here's the Yelp page:

Anyone try his BBQ?

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  1. Wow, I want to try their BBQ

    1. just once at the yelp/pleasure palate event. the bbq is right up there with the best, though the meat didn't have a smoke ring. he uses a treager, so it's not too surprising. reallyreallyreallyreallyreally good sauce and sides, too.

      1. I dig The Park's Finest BBQ (not to be but, often confused with Park's Korean BBQ) and concur that their sauce rocks. Their Cornbread Bibingka is a borderline obsession for me.

          1. The original comment has been removed