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Jul 2, 2009 09:50 PM

fromagelier (a la sommelier)

i am packing a picnic dinner for tomorrow night - so far i've settled on prosciutto on ciabatta. i really like it as is, with a dab of butter but it might be nice to have some cheese also.

i am looking for a good cheese to go with the prosciutto. after some browsing, it seems that goat cheese is a good choice, or brie. are there any other suggestions? i'm not a big fan of goat cheese and brie just seems kind of boring. what about fontina?

thanks in advance!

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  1. There's an amazing French product I found at Costco (unfortunately, my membership is now gone, so I don't have the specific brand) that is a goat milk-based spreadable cheese - Trader Joe's has recently started selling a similar product. It has a little of the tang of goat cheese without such a heavy flavor and would go fantastically.

    But since you don't like goat - the first thing I thought of was a really fresh mozarella, the ciabatta drizzled with a little olive oil and rubbed with a garlic slice...but maybe that's almost too traditional...

    1. staying with the italian theme, what about gorgonzola, or cambozola? More interesting than brie or fontina.

      1. Taleggio. Creamy like brie or a bit firmer but much more intense in flavor.

        thursday, are you thinking of Boursin cheese? I don't think those 4 oz containers are supoosed to be single-serving, but once you open one, it is hard to stop. : )

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          would boursin go with prosciutto? i've never tried it and the way you are describing it - it sounds delicious! boursin is a french product it seems - maybe some roast beef, boursin on baguette?

            1. re: applecore

              I'm sure someone can think of some particular meat + cheese combination that does not = delicious, but most combinations are delicious, just different, so it just depends on what meat and what cheese you are in the mood for.

            2. re: babette feasts

              I actually wasn't talking about boursin, though that also sounds good. This is just...cream cheese made with goat's milk, I think.