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Jul 2, 2009 09:34 PM

Twist on eggs benedict florentine

Bought some Red Hawk Cowgirl Creamery goat cheese today... I also got some goat cheese with truffles in it. Was wondering if I could use either one of them in a sauce for eggs bene?? Would it work? Was wondering how it would taste with canadian bacon and spinach. Thanks!

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  1. Will it work? Yes. Will you like it? That remains to be seen. The thing about goat cheese, even the mildest of goat cheeses, is that heating them will amplify the flavor of "goat." If you like that, you'll like your ideas. On the other hand, I suspect these were not cheap, notably the goat cheese with truffles, so most people, me included, would be more prone to just relish and enjoy them with a little artisan bread or great crackers. If you try cooking with them, let us know what you think.

    1. i wouldn't cook it in a sauce; i'd just slice some and let the residual heat from the eggs and spinach and heat of the muffin make the cheese a little melty.

      btw, i think it'd taste better against american bacon slices, not canadian bacon.

      1. I keep thinking about watching the food networks show where that gal made a mac and cheese and used goat cheese in the sauce. Not that Paula Deen has the best palate, but she stated she "hated it". I think it might be just a little to pungent and interfere with the other ingredients. I prefer my goat cheese untouched and eaten as is.

        1. here's a dish we had recently, with the "president" brand creamy & mild fresh goat cheese: (from my review) "Pan-seared scallops with fried sage in brown butter sauce, served with goat cheese. the wow dish -- along with the halibut. goat cheese remarkably delicious."

          the goat cheese was a slice on top of the seared scallops. with fried sage leaf on top, and sage brown butter under the scallops. the cheese was slightly melty. it was memorable! try out your dish, and let us know. don't go overboard on the amount of cheese.

          1. Red Hawk is a cow's milk cheese, not a goat's cheese. Like others have said, it will work, but may overpower your other ingredients.

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              Well, so much for THAT cheese guy! I asked for goat cheese that was LOCAL as possible. COWgirl Creamery...shoulda known. MY bad.