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Jul 2, 2009 09:34 PM

Hampton Beach eats next week?

Hi Folks,

My girlfriend and I are heading to Hampton Beach for a few days next week to just get a change of scenery. I searched for old threads, but didn't see anything within the year. I haven't been there since 2005'ish so it's probably changed.

Neither of us like seafood, but almost anything else is fine. We don't mind driving away from the beach if it means having a nice experience, but any suggestions for even just good local home cookin' type places are welcomed. Breakfast suggestions too please!

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Le Bec Rouge ( has pretty good food like burgers, chicken, and steaks, plus their upper deck is a great way to relax with a drink and/or food (as long as you don't mind a guy on guitar while you eat).

    I would also suggest Ocean Wok ( for some decent Chinese food, over by the bridge. It's WAY better than the place on the strip, and well worth the longer walk!

    Let us know what places you try and any thoughts on them? I'm hoping to hit HB in August with my girls, so we'd love to know about any good eats and any new joints!

    1. Try looking up eats in Portsmouth. You aren't that far away, by car, and there is much, much more to choose from re. restaurants, pubs, etc.

      1. The Green Monkey in Portsmouth is very nice, also in Portsmouth Rusty Hammer for a good burger and a beer and MCMenemy's Irish Pub. In Hampton, on rt1 Hoaties for breakfast or up the road is Betty's. And a killer Sunday Brunch deal at Ole Salt on rt1 in Hampton. I included some websites.

        1. Castaways (used to be top of the harbor) in Seabrook has a nice roof deck with bar. I would just go for a drink and enjoy the view. Would be great on a night when Hampton has fireworks.

          For a casual drink place, go to Eastman's in Seabrook where the fishing boats leave from. They have a bar called the Tuna Striker.

          I've heard good things about Ocean Wok.

          Stacey Jane's in Hampton is a good bar.

          Sorry that I have so many places that revolve around alcohol LOL

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          1. re: rizzo0904

            Oh no worries, alcohol is definitely part of the plan. Been working far too many hours lately. :)

            Thanks everyone, we'll print this up and take it with us!

            1. re: scorp508

              Scorp...there are only 2 places I will eat "on" the beach...the rest are just great "people watching" bars....

              The Purple Urchin on the 2nd floor of the Casino Bldg (across from the Seashell Stage) has great food....quality cooking, friendly service...and plenty of non-seafood options.

              Ron's Landing is also fabulous, but definitely more upscale. I prefer to eat at the bar there, on the 2nd floor.

              In town, the Galley Hatch has incredibly juicy prime rib on the weekends, lots of American and some Greek-influenced items...and, of course, the bakery with all of the delicious pastries!!!

              1. re: winecafe95

                Don't know how long since you've been to the galley hatch, but its gone way downhill since the son took over. Now its all about portion control and profit margins. Mostly frozen fish and processed foods.
                I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
                Let me second the Purple Urchin, however. While I can't honestly call it great, its quite acceptable considering the area. Certainly better than anyplace else along HB.

          2. Girlfriend and I are back from our mini trip. We were there from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon.

            Thursday night we had dinner at Ocean Wok. Along with the Scorpion Bowl for 2 (with Bacardi 151 in it) we got a rather generic chicken finger, beef teriyaki and chicken win appetizer. All three tasted really fresh and the teriyaki wasn't super sweet like many places are. The chicken wings had a great crunch to their skin and plenty of flavor.

            For dinner she had the orange flavored chicken and I had the Pineapple Chicken Hawaiin Style. Both were really good and the presentation of the pineapple chicken was really cool (to me at least). I could have eaten five pounds of that stuff.

            Friday I think we slept through breakfast and had lunch at the Purple Urchin. I forget the drink names, but she had a Bacardi Dragonberry (Dragon Fruit & Strawberry) based drink and another one that was almost like a French Martini and named the Purple Urchin-Tini. I think the pineapple juice was replaced with raspberry vodka or something. I had a "rootbeer" drink with Three Olives Rootbeer and Vanilla vodkas as well as a Beach Breeze that was sprite, peach schnappes, orange juice, and Absolut Mandarin. All of them were really good.

            To eat there she had some kind of grilled chicken sandwich on Ciabatta (it isn't on the online menu as her's didn't have jalepenos) that was good and I had a Roast Beef and Boursin Cheese panini which was good, but could have used a few more peices of roast beef in it.

            For dinner we went to LaBec Rouge who had about a 15 minute wait. Once inside we orderd nachoes with beef and side salads. The nachos took a while and the salads even longer. We only had the salads about 45 seconds before our meals came out. I had steak tips (medium well ended up being very well) and needed A1 sauce to liven it up. She had the char grilled lemon chicken breast which looked smelled and tasted pretty good. Drinks here were a 1/2 Sweet Carolina Sweet Tea Vodka & 1/2 Frozen Lemonade. I had no idea what to expect here, but it was actually refreshing and scarily tasted alcohol free. A few of those could do a number on you. I also got some kind of grapefruit vodka and orange drink that would have gone better with breakfast, but I liked it. She had another dragonberry based drink and something else that totally escapes me right now, but I know she liked em'. We then walked back to the hotel for a prime seat on our balcony right in front of the launching point for the massive fireworks show that night and drank some Sam Summer Ale munching on fresh and hot caramel popcorn w/cashes from the Surf Hotel candy shop that was just being bagged as we walked by the open shop window and got drunk from it's smell. :)

            Saturday Breakfast ended up being at the Ashworth buffet as we were running low on time before having to check out. Let's see scrambled eggs good, french toast ok, pancakes dry, mini-omelettes good, fruit good, roasted potatos dry, coffee strong (i like that), danish good, cinnamon rolls looked good but didn't have, mimosa good, bloody mary good but not spicey enough for me.

            Overall I'd say we had a really good time and were thankful for all of the suggestions. We didn't end up going off-strip much, but it gave us more time locally to see things.

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            1. re: scorp508

              Is Ron's Landing on the north or south end of the beach? Thanks!

              1. re: Kat

                Middle....continue north on Ocean Blvd past the Casino, past the "Lady" (Statue on the ocean side dedicated to lost soldiers), and it's just past there on your left (no one is allowed to build beachside)....if you've turned past Rocky Bend (the breakpoint between the main beach and North beach), you've gone too far. (BTW...I enjoy eating at the bar at Ron's the most!)

                1. re: winecafe95

                  Thanks! I hope to make it there this weekend - will call for a reservation.

                  1. re: Kat

                    Having been to Ron's many times over the years - including when they were up at Rye Beach AND when Ron was actually involved with the restaurant - I think this place has seen better times. Menu seems to have been simplified down and is less upscale (but very upscale for the immediate area). I hesitate to go back anymore. And I believe the bar closes early - even in the summer. I miss the old Ron's Landing (and Ron's Beach House).