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Jul 2, 2009 08:42 PM

cherries, what to do?

I have perhaps two pounds of fresh cherries-sweet/tart bing cherries. What shoudl I do? I am not really a pie, crisp, or crumble sort of person. Any suggestions? thanks in advance for good eats

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  1. HI Karen,

    Wash them well, invite a couple of friends over and serve them with an assortment of hard cheeses, some cookies and a glass of Vin Santo or late harvest reisling and some coffee.

    Or try this: wash and pit them (use a small knife and cut al the way around following the crease). Sautee a chicken, or some pork chops and while they are resting on a plate in a warm place sautee the cherries for just a moment with some black pepper, a pinch of thyjme if you like, some big red wine or marsala, and a dash of butter. Pour over the meat and pig out.

    1. make these bad boys

      when I saw them I just kept wishing I had a bbq to take them to.

      then again, there's always a cherry and black pepper chutney.

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        Listen, I made that and it are so freaking good. made them with cherries off my tree. I love SmittenKitchen!

        OP could also do a clafoutti. I will strongly recommend this one: How I adore it.

      2. A local writer posted this recipe. It looks great - I'm going to try it this weekend with salmon.

        Fresh Cherry Salsa:

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          we just made a great salad the other day with bing and ranier cherries, toasted almonds, and a good blue cheese - we also threw in some dried cherries too, I think the recipe came from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market was delicious, a really nice summer salad

        2. Sit on the front porch.
          Place cherry in your mouth.
          Using teeth and tongue, wiggle pit from centre of cherry.
          Spit out the pit.
          Chew and swallow cherry.

          That's how we eat the first few pounds that come off the cherry trees in our back yard, then we move on to all the other recipes.


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            I agree - in general, if fruit is in its prime and sweet, I prefer it just as Mother Nature intended. Unfortunately, in America we think of fresh fruit as breakfast or snack food, not as a stand-alone dessert. I can take chocolate or leave it, but whenever I read about a chocolate and cherry dessert, I think, "Why would you ruin a cherry like that?" Believe me, I do have a sweet tooth (substantial sugar in my pasta sauce and stealthily sprinkled on a slice of pizza). As a result, I've learned how to pick the best fruit, and how long to ripen any that isn't at its peak potential. So when I find good fruit, I like it naked.

          2. I could come over and help...

            I had a serious cherry jones- so intense I stopped on my way home last night and when I got to the produce dept I couldn't find them- I got all weird and sweaty... Some old man helped me (they were hiding by the grapes) and I actually ate a few in the car (they got the ;finger rub cleansing instead of a water soak- yes, I went there. Who knows what virus I've contracted now... ;o)