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Jul 2, 2009 08:26 PM

Need good, crusty BEEF RIBS in North Jersey and/or Hudson Valley

Planning a Roadfood trip from my AC area to New Paltz....
Beef ribs are so much harder to find than pork ribs......
PLEASE HELP ! I know I'm drawing slim ....

I also love good crusty Austin-style BRISKET !

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The beef ribs at Front Street Smokehouse in Elizabeth (do NOT let that keep you from going--easy to get to) were terrific...

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      1. re: Curlz

        Thanks , CURLZ !
        I've been meaning to try that Front St. Smokehouse, as Chowhound "hot dog lover" (John Fox , my has mentioned that he loves the ribs here...

        I've been on NJ hot dog tours with John, and I doubt he (or you?!?) would "steer" me wrong!

        1. re: Curlz

          Called there today...they've been closed up for the last 6 weeks. Couln't make a go of it..

          1. re: RayP

            Maybe their price structure for the three rib teaser or half slab had something to do with it.

            Baby Backs .......8.95, 15.95

            St. Louis Style......7.95, 12.95

            Might seem a tad high for lighter appetites.

            Their Full Slab prices seemed reasonable IMHO

            1. re: RayP

              WOW...that's a shame. Then again, they weren't exactly in a high-traffic area. Hopefully they're still competing.

          2. go through the lincoln tunnel into manhattan and on the west side at 46th and 11th you can get great beef ribs at Daisy May's BBQ - then go back into the tunnel and back north on the turnpike then back to the Garden State Parkway to the Thruway. Its a slight detour but you can get great beef ribs there.

            1. I've resisted making any suggestions to this thread, mostly because there really isn't any good barbecue that comes to mind.. Some like Bailey's in Blauvelt, but I am not a fan of Fink's style and I do not know if Bailey's even offers Beef Ribs.

              I can say I have had the Beef Ribs at The Cheesecake Factory. This isn't necessarily a recommendation, but to let you know you have the option if all else fails. The BR's weren't great, but they weren't bad by any means. They are not in anyway Fred Flintstone sized large.


              Here may be some sleeper suggestions/options.....




              1. Hey, Ellen,

                As a former Austinite myself, I had a terrible craving for the best beef in the world (Louie Muellers in Taylor) when I left there.

                The only place that meets (no pun intended) my needs is Hill Country, in NYC. Sure, it's expensive, sure it's not perfect, but it's cheaper than either having a complete dinner airfreighted to my home or airfreighting my butt to Texas.

                There is nothing else around that comes close to the real thing, and I've tried them all and been disappointed everytime.