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Jul 2, 2009 07:36 PM

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream @ 99 Cent Store

Just went to the 99 Cent Store in Alhambra on Huntington Drive and they had Organic Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie pints of ice cream for 99 cents each.

I stocked up and there must be 50 left in the case.

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  1. Have you opened and tasted any of them yet? I swore off getting containers of ice cream from 99 Cent Stores because of bad experiences with products that had been left out to melt and were refrozen.

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    1. re: HBfoodie

      Just opened one and perfect like the one I bought last week at the Vons in S. Pasadena for $3+.

      1. re: monku

        This has happened to me many times at Gelson's in Sherman Oaks and/or Ralphs (a few locations around Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys/Studio City).

        At first, Gelson's admitted they had "freezer problems". On later purchases, they said it must be an upstream problem w/B&J since they had experienced no further "problems".

        Now, I don't buy ice cream w/out opening it right there in the store (in front of an in-charge, of course) before shlepping it home only to have a disappointing experience which has happened way too many area stores, which leads me to think it may be (at least partially) attributable to the warm local SFV/Southern CA area weather post-May every year.

        1. re: GK in SO

          I wish I knew where the problem originated. I had the same thing happen with B & J's at Von's in Pasadena so many times I've lost count. But summer turns into winter and winter to summer and I'll forget what happened last year only to have it bite me again. Just a month ago, I bought some frozen dinners that must have thawed and refroze when the container was sideways. I don't think I want apple dessert mixed with my chicken penne. Gotta dig that damn receipt out and get my money back!

    2. I'm wary of buying food items at 99 Cent Only stores.

      My dog is simply crazy about ham. Any kind of ham. But the Farmer John Ham Slices at 99 Cent go uneaten by him. He sniffs them but will not eat them.

      I've had problems with other food items from there that are more obvious. But a dog should know, right?

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      1. Buying food at the 99 cent store sounds scary!

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        1. re: burgundy1

          Thanks for the heads up "monku." I'm not sure why all this fear about 99 cent store food items. I've bought Danish Creamery butter which is my mom's favorite from her childhood there and never had a problem. I am not a fan of Ben & Jerry's, but for less than a buck a pint I might very well give it a go. As a side note Trader Joe's has one flavor of Haagen Dazs (Honey Bee Vanilla) for $1.99 right now, but it moves fast.

          1. re: Feed_me

            I got that Haagen Daz Honey Bee Vanilla last week at TJ's, haven't opened it yet, but enjoying my B&J's Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Interesting that both are pints compared to the Haagen Daz Coffee ice cream I have which is only 14 oz.

          2. re: burgundy1

            There's actually a local food blog called 99 cent chef who seems to make some decent meals all from 99cent stores.


            There's definitely bargains to be had. The spice section is dirt cheap c/w similar items at any normal groceries. Canned items such as olives, roasted bell peppers etc are also very cheap and good.


          3. Have to read the back of the labels. Some things are made in china like the toothpaste even if they say Colgate on them. I would maybe buy paper goods or plastic ware. Just be arefull...

            1. A few years ago, I bought a bag of apples, for 99 cents, and it was the best apples I've eaten in a dozen years. iow, nobody knows what you're going to get at the 99 CENT STORE, quality wise.

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              1. re: M Blues

                also, on occasion they will carry the EARTHBOUND organic produce.

                1. re: M Blues

                  I bought a huge bag of cherries last week and they were amazing. Also, when they have organic tomatoes, that's really a steal. The apples can be hit or miss.