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Jul 2, 2009 07:18 PM

Help! Cheap places to eat - Hamilton or Brantford area?

Any good places and affordable for family of 4 to eat in Hamilton or Brantford Ontario area you would recommend?


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  1. Hi,

    For some decent Italian try Chicago Style Pizza Shack on the mountain . . . It has great homestyle italian dishes and their red sauce is great! . . .I've always enjoyed the food there . . . The place is not fancy but is family run and offers outstanding value...


    1. Let's see, this has been covered quite a bit here in the past - you may wish to use the search function for a more definitive list:

      - Chicago Style Pizza (Upper Sherman) is not open for lunch but does good deep dish pizza and "red sauce" style Italian.
      - The Harbour Diner (James St. N) is good family fare with a twist (I love their Turkey Dinner Sandwich and their specials are usually great), their pies are made by locals.
      - La Luna if you're family likes mediterranean foods like Falafel, Shawarma, and other Lebanese/Persian foods.
      - Papagayo for Mexican (not 100% authentic, but good)
      - Karolina's for family style Polish food (their Family Dinner is good for groups of four or more and there will always be leftovers)
      - In Paris, ON is Camp 31 for barbecue - ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, all done properly

      It all depends on what you're looking for and where in Hamilton/Brantford you are as it's a big area to cover.