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Jul 2, 2009 07:17 PM

economical places to eat niagara region?

Hi, I have a family of 5 taking a trip up to Niagara on lake and the falls. Any economical places to eat that won't cost an arm & leg?

One chinese food place would be preferred also but also family restaurants.


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  1. Economical is a relative thing. On the lower end of the price spectrum in NOTL, there's the Red Rooster, which serves cheap and plenty food. The Fan Court is Chinese-ish, on the main street, and fairly reasonable. A relative bargoon is the take-out from Stone Road Grille, which does amazing artisinale pizzas for good prices, as well as sandwiches during the day (even spam!).

    1. Old Winery Restaurant in NOTL is a good family option.

      Old Winery - duplicate
      Niagara, NY

      1. Ginger on mary st., just west of the stone road. It's pretty

        The Anchorage re-vamped their menu last fall and is actually very reasonably priced. the last meal I had there was very good!

        I find the pizzas from the Stone Road Grille to be quite expensive, imho.
        Has anyone tried the new Grill on King?

        1. I just came back from a weekend trip in that area. I recommend Antica Pizzeria on Victoria Avenue (recommended by a fellow Chowhounder). Pizza was really tasty and I'm sure you can walk out of there with a stuffed and happy family for a decent price.