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Jul 2, 2009 07:11 PM

Coffee & Dessert In Stratford?

I am looking for a cozy, comfortable place for coffee and dessert in Stratford. Four of us will be seeing a play, and we would like to have a nice dessert before the show. We will be arriving for dessert around 6:30pm this Saturday. We would like a relaxed cafe type atmosphere with GOOD, freshly baked desserts! Cherry Pie / Apple Pie, squares, etc. We prefer lighter desserts (e.g. fruit based pies, flans and tarts) rather than heavy/creamy selections like cheesecake. Any ideas?


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  1. 6:30 pm on a Saturday will be tricky to get into a restaurant, because it's pre-theatre. I would check out Balzac's or Sputnik on Ontario Street. There is also a place called Let them Eat Cake at 82 Wellington Street. I went there for the first time in years a few weeks ago, it's not funky cafe, more homey, but their desserts are all home-made and really good. The selection ranges from pies to squares to carrot cake. Hope that helps! Enjoy your trip to Stratford!