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Where are people buying eggs?

Where do people get their eggs? I just saw the display at the henhouse at Drumlin Farm (Lincoln, MA) and it made me realize I wasn't paying much attention.


ps for what it's worth, Drumlin says if you read the code on a box of eggs, the three digit number is the day of the year the eggs were packaged, and the letter P followed by four digits codes for the plant that produced the eggs.

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  1. I get mine in Haverhill/Bradford for $3.00 a dozen from a home that has chickens and sells fresh eggs from a stand in their driveway. Most of the time they have a cooler at the end of the driveway. Take a dozen and leave $3.00.

    1. I buy Chip-In Farm (a local farm in Bedford) eggs from Russo's, currently around $1.89 a dozen.

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        I buy Chip In Farm from.....Chip In Farm.

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          How much do they cost straight from the farm? I've found them from several local locations, but they have always cost around $4 a dozen.

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            I've never bought them at the farm, but the most I have ever paid for Chip-In eggs at Russo's is $2.49 a dozen, and the last batch I bought (last week) were back down to $1.89, which I believe is what they cost when I first started buying them there a couple years ago. I've heard that Chip-In eggs are much spendier at other places, but Russo's keeps them at a reasonable price.

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              I haven't been to Seven-Acre Farm since last fall (shame on me!) but jumbo was $2.50/dz. I believe large was $1.75 or $2.00.

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                I just bought Chip-In eggs at Verrill for $3.19 a dozen (large). Guess I've been had. :-)

        2. Owen's Poultry Farm in Needham.

          1. They sell fresh eggs at the Arlington Farmer's market, duck and chicken.

            1. I get Chip-In Farm eggs at South End Formaggio.


              1. From a farmer in Friendship Maine $3/dozen

                1. In season I buy them at the farmers markets. Right now I have a Silverbrook Farms blue eggs on hand. In the winter, I'll buy Country Hen eggs but I check the dates carefully. You also have to open the cartons and check each egg to be sure there are not cracked ones in the batch. They seem prone to it.

                  1. I never knew that about the code on eggs. Facinating. I buy eggs at Wilson Farms. I have been shopping at Wilson's for a long time and new they had eggs with their label but I didn't realize that the hen house down the stairs by the greenhouse. They are around $2/doz.

                    1. Seven-Acre Poultry Farm on Concord Rd (it's got an exit from Rt 93) in North Reading, a mile from the exit. Closed on Monday.

                      1. Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds has fresh eggs- they are located on the same road as verill farm. They have an honor system- you take what you want and leave $. Unfortunately, the times we have gone to get eggs, they were out of them. Would love to hear from anyone who has been successful in buying these eggs.

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                          Costco. $2.45 for 36 XL white eggs....eggcellent deal...

                        2. The Market at Bina sells farm fresh eggs for $.25/each..no minimum. Not sure which farm but the same eggs they use in their dining room.