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Jul 2, 2009 06:20 PM

Where are people buying eggs?

Where do people get their eggs? I just saw the display at the henhouse at Drumlin Farm (Lincoln, MA) and it made me realize I wasn't paying much attention.


ps for what it's worth, Drumlin says if you read the code on a box of eggs, the three digit number is the day of the year the eggs were packaged, and the letter P followed by four digits codes for the plant that produced the eggs.

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  1. I get mine in Haverhill/Bradford for $3.00 a dozen from a home that has chickens and sells fresh eggs from a stand in their driveway. Most of the time they have a cooler at the end of the driveway. Take a dozen and leave $3.00.

    1. I buy Chip-In Farm (a local farm in Bedford) eggs from Russo's, currently around $1.89 a dozen.

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        I buy Chip In Farm from.....Chip In Farm.

        1. re: cassis

          How much do they cost straight from the farm? I've found them from several local locations, but they have always cost around $4 a dozen.

          1. re: chevrelove

            I've never bought them at the farm, but the most I have ever paid for Chip-In eggs at Russo's is $2.49 a dozen, and the last batch I bought (last week) were back down to $1.89, which I believe is what they cost when I first started buying them there a couple years ago. I've heard that Chip-In eggs are much spendier at other places, but Russo's keeps them at a reasonable price.

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              I haven't been to Seven-Acre Farm since last fall (shame on me!) but jumbo was $2.50/dz. I believe large was $1.75 or $2.00.

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                I just bought Chip-In eggs at Verrill for $3.19 a dozen (large). Guess I've been had. :-)

        2. Owen's Poultry Farm in Needham.

          1. They sell fresh eggs at the Arlington Farmer's market, duck and chicken.

            1. I get Chip-In Farm eggs at South End Formaggio.